A Degree In The Hunger Games? The 11 Most Bonkers Courses At University

A Degree In The Hunger Games? The 11 Most Bonkers Courses At University

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by Emma Spedding |
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Forget long nights with Chaucer, students in America can now class watching* Hunger Games* as 'revision'. 'The Hunger Games: Class, Politics and Marketing' is the latest bonkers pop-culture class offered to undergraduates.

No they won't learn how to shoot a bow and arrow or overthrow the Capitol - they will study all three Hunger Games texts from a feminist perspective. Professor Stef Woods said to* Teen Vogue*: "Is Katniss just someone who happens to be a female who led when she needed to, or is she a true feminist, and if so, how does she fit within history? I'll pick a few key female leaders and we'll look at how she fares."

But that isn't the only eyebrow raising course on offer at universities, as you can study everything from maple syrup to Sex and the City. See our pick of the 11 most unusual courses below...

1. Harry Potter and the Age of Illusion

Still waiting for your letter from Hogwarts to arrive? Well going to Durham University could be the next best thing thanks to the 'Harry Potter and the Age of Illusion' module which is part of Education Studies. Plus scenes were actually filmed in Durham, so you can wear your robes and pretend you're Hermione in between classes.

2. Arguing with Judge Judy

At the University of California you can watch the screaming matches in cult American TV show Judge Judy for credits. The website clarifies that this is not a legal course, but is for students interested in logic, arguement, TV and American popular culture. What's next? A PHD in Jerry Springer?

3. Politicizing Beyonce

Beyonce has taught us lots of lessons - you need at least one freakum dress, boys are replaceable and the other meaning of surfboard. She's even touched on basic arithmetic with "one plus one equals two.” But you can advance your studies beyond watching Drunk in Love on loop, as New Jersey's Rutgers University runs a "Politicizing Beyonce" course. It's not all booty shakin' however, as her work is compared to authors and activists.

4. “Sex and the City” and the Contemporary Woman

A degree in Carrie Bradshaw you say? Back in 2010 Berkeley in California ran a Sex and the City programme. Students met for two hours a week to watch two episodes of Sex and the City, followed by a discussion (hopefully over Cosmos) about Carrie Bradshaw and her Manolos. We hope each class began with 'we couldn't help but wonder...'

5. David Beckham

In 2000 Professor Ellis Cashmore at Staffordshire University introduced a David Beckham module. Yes, some lucky students actually got away with looking at pictures of Becks for 'revision.' We have a feeling it's more focused on his ability to kick than pose in his pants however, as it fell under Football Culture.

6. Zombie Studies

Like a zombie flick? Well the University of Baltimore had a class designed to "get you ready for a zombie apocalypse." Homework includes watching monster films and writing horror scripts and storyboards for their own zombie blockbuster.

7. Simpsons and Philosophy

We didn't have Homer Simpson down as a great philosopher, but over at Berkeley they studied the Simpsons along with the likes of Plato. This is part of the university's DeCal program, in which students are taught by their peers. They asked questions such as 'Can Nietzsche’s rejection of traditional morality justify Bart’s bad behavior?' Repeat after us... d'oh!

8. Philosophy and Star Trek

Georgetown University offers a course in 'Philosophy and Star Trek' where you swap the books for DVDs of the sci-fi show. It's every Trekkie's dream! The class focuses on metaphysics topics that come up in Star Trek. They tackle questions such as: 'Is time travel possible? Could you go back and kill your grandmother? What is time?'

9. Feel the Force: How to Train in the Jedi Way

If you're more Star Wars that Star Trek, Queen's University Belfast runs a course about the psychological techniques behind Jedi mind tricks. Seriously. Lightsabers are optional.

10. Maple Syrup - The Real Thing

Alfred University in New York ran a class on the the professional making of maple syrup. The website says that it covers 'the history of maple syrup production, discover the ins and outs of making syrup, create (and eat) some sweet confections.' Eating pancakes? That's our kind of studying. Don't worry no prior experience is needed.

11. The Sociology of Miley Cyrus

** **

Do you find the evolution of Miley Cyrus fascinating? Well now you can take a university course in 'The Sociology of Miley Cyrus,' taught by Professor Carolyn Chernoff at Skidmore College in New York. Students will track Miley's journey from a 'Disney tween to a twerking machine,' using 'Miley as a lens through which to explore sociological thinking about identity, entertainment, media and fame.' A degree in Miley? Not quite astrophysics, eh! It all started with twerking making it's way into t**he Oxford English Dictionary, but now it will be all over academic papers.

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