David Beckham On How His Children Will Be Involved In His Charity Work

David Beckham On How His Children Will Be Involved In His Charity Work


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You might assume that the morning after the BAFTAs would involve a lie in and a bacon sandwich, but not for David Beckham. Hours after causing hysteria on the red carpet, Beckham announced that he was launching a new UNICEF initiative to protect children in seven different countries.

David spoke at a press conference on Monday morning explaining how his fame allows him to step up his work for UNICEF. He said: "My fame and success that I've had on the field opens doors, for the protection of children and protection of women across the world."

We can expect to see the whole Beckham family working on the 7 Fund, as he joked: "The children will be getting involved because I'm going to make them. They're excited about that." He added: "They are only small, but hopefully there will be some trips they can make with me."

David spoke about how important it is that his children understand the cruelties facing many children in the world. "Brooklyn is almost 16 and has seen me play at different clubs, lift trophies in different countries, and that for me is special," he explained. "I always wanted to have children that could live my career with me. And it's not just my career, it's my life with me. Romeo and Brooklyn are old enough to understand what's going on in the world. Brooklyn only said to me on the school run this morning, 'I want to go on a trip, when can I go?' So they understand and respect it."

David Beckham with his boys [Rex]
David Beckham with his boys [Rex]

As if David Beckham's commitment to protecting children isn't enough to make us proclaim DAVID BECKHAM FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSE, he also showed us his feminist side. He said: "I can change a young boy's mentality, change a man's perspective on how he treats women and children. I can sit in front of a group of children and say this is how you treat a woman. This is how you behave. Fortunately they listen to me because they love football."

When asked if there is anywhere in world he hasn't been recognised he laughed: "Err, no! Apart from the Amazon and the tribe we visited didn't even know what football was so that gave me a bit of a boost." He continued: "My life has never just been about football - people have talked about other things I've done throughout my career. Whether people have been critical or not there's no way people can underestimate the power of what I've achieved. I can go into certain countries and ask to meet the prime minister, and whether they want to meet me or not their children might want to meet me."

Watch David talk about his UNICEF 7 Fund in the video below...

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