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The Only Denim Trend That Can Elevate Jeans To Acceptable Workwear

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Regardless of whether you’re a high-flying CEO or a creative based in a co-working hub, in recent years the office dress code has relaxed. And, while we’re genuinely excited to be able to have more flexibility in what we wear while leaning in, for most the idea of wearing stonewashed 501’s to an important meeting is still not a going to send the right message. Despite that, there has been a significant shift in the denim arena this spring that does set the right sartorial note for this occasion.

Right now, the jean world is polarized by the absurd - think light-wash ripped and patchwork trousers - and the urbane. Let’s talk about the latter, it’s slick, it’s sharp and it’s ready to win you a promotion.

In this day and age of eclecticism (thank you Gucci), dark denim, like that favoured by Bella Hadid and debuted by Adam Selman, Fendi and Tom Ford, will give you edge this season. It’s versatile, which means it can pull a double shift and work 9-to-5 and beyond. But, it’s also incredibly accessible. Wear it with this season’s more eccentric trends (looking at you cowboy boots, fringing and 1980s revival) or team it with classic foundation pieces and you’ll be on track for a stylish spring.