Connell’s Chain From Normal People Now Has Its Own Instagram Fan Account

It's a social media sensation.

connell's chain normal people

by Natalie Hammond |
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First it was Timothée Chalamet’s haircut, then Jeff Goldblum’s penchant for print shirts. Now there’s a new obsession that’s got a lot of people hot under the collar. It is, drumroll please, Connell’s chain.

If you haven’t binge-watched Normal People, then you’ve a) got a seriously rich lockdown life that doesn’t involve firing up BBC iPlayer at 9am every morning b) missed out on one of the most exquisitely painful renditions of what it’s like to fall in love for the first time and c) probably have no idea who Connell even is. Let me get you up to speed. Connell Waldron, played by Paul Mescal, is one of our romantic leads and, as well as proving that male vulnerability isn’t an urban legend, knows how to work a chain. The thin silver necklace pretty much doesn’t leave his person and has caused such a stir on social media that it’s spawned its very own fan account - @connellschain.

The account’s description tells you all you need to know - ‘We stan Connell’s chain’ - and is a series of (mostly) semi-naked shots of Connell with tear-inducing captions: ‘Thank you all you thirsty fans for joining in this worthy cause. Connell’s chain bids you sweet dreams.’

But this is no laughing matter. Not only does the account have almost 17,000 followers, ASOS has reported that sales of men’s chains were up by 130% last month. The account’s founder, fashion journalist Billie Bhatia, points out on her own feed that Connell, in fact, joins a long line up of iconic chain-wearers, from Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You to Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo & Juliet. She's clearly a devotee, but is she surprised that it's gained such traction? 'I am shocked. It feel like it’s just popped off overnight. But I’m also not that shocked because Connell and that chain are the lockdown treat we have been waiting for,' she says. And in terms of investment buys, the chain definitely has staying power. 'I think the chain is iconic. It will lusted-after I am sure with great fondness well after the series is over.'

If you want to join the club, Bille recommends Missoma, Saint Laurent and ASOS. Whatever you choose, you’ll be in excellent company.

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