We Chart The Five Best Places To Shop In Dubai

From S*uce Boutique to Global Village we round up some of Dubai's less obvious must-shop destinations.


by Alya Mooro |
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Our Alya Mooro rocking dress from Mother of Pearl on a shoot with S*uce Boutique in Dubai
Our Alya Mooro rocking dress from Mother of Pearl on a shoot with S*uce Boutique in Dubai

Ever since the sky scrapers first began to emerge from literal desert some few decades ago, Dubai has taken it upon itself to become the biggest and best at basically everything it does. Boasting scorching sun and what many argue is the best of both worlds, it's no wonder its tourist industry is booming and it's fast becoming one of the top shopping destinations in the world. All this further evidenced by the fact that this year the likes of the endlessly cool Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez, Oliver Rousteing and Chanel Imam all brought in the new year in the sandy city. And we can bet they did their fair share of raiding some of the countries specialist boutiques, too. That's the thing about shopping in Dubai - sure, the mind-bogglingly big malls (apparently someone once got lost in Dubai mall for 13 months!) do stock basically every popular store - designer and otherwise - that you could ever possibly desire - but it's their homegrown labels and expertly curated boutiques that are really the ones worth checking out.

Our Alya Mooro joined Kendall & Ko (only in so far as they frequented the same country but let a girl dream!) in counting down to midnight in the new city that never sleeps. Below, she rounds up the top five must-shop destinations for if you ever go to Dubai (which you totally should).

1. S*uce Boutique

S*uce Boutique

Mixing gorgeously covetable finds from well known designers the likes of Mary Katrantzou and Preen with lesser known unique pieces from up-and-coming designers both UAE based and abroad, S*uce and its many offshoots boast rack after rack of super unique and colourful I-need-that-NOW pieces. Oft-hailed as Dubai's answer to Paris' super cool Collette, the stores are a veritable statement piece *heaven. *Stocking everything from quirky jewelery to stand out ready-to-wear items and even super cool home-interior pieces, the entire store is bursting with statement items that would make any outfit look seriously fresh off the runway. Their Instagram feed provides us with daily #stylespiration, too!

2. Levels

Shoe Heaven at Level's Shoe District

Sorry Harrods Shoe Heaven, move over basically any shoe stores anywhere - nothing can quite beat The Dubai Mall's Level Shoe District. This place would basically be Carrie Bradshaw (and any self respecting fashionista worth her Louboutins)'s actual heaven. Stocking everything from uber rare Alaia and Altazurra stilettos (we were very happy to see our fave homegrown talent Sophia Webster stocked there, too!), the entire dedicated arena is seriously lust worthy. We almost sobbed while leaving empty handed with our debit cards clutched pathetically and tragically in fist.

3. Mochi

Gigi Hadid rocking Mochi's cape jacket

If you're about that super cool pattern trend that is currently taking over the wardrobes of fashionistas everywhere, Dubai based brand Mochi is definitely worth a visit. Recently rocked by the uber cool Gigi Hadid in Teen Vogue (above), the clothes and accessories are handcrafted by local artisans, effortlessly combining ancient embroidery textiles with modern, right on trend silhouettes.

4. Symphony

Colourful finds at Symphony, Dubai Mall

One thing you could unflinchingly say about the buyers in Dubai boutiques: they seriously know their stuff. Another Dubai Mall gem, Symphony boutique is the place to go for the envy-enducing full look, racks boasting limited edition collections from all the top designers you want in your wardrobe.

5. Global Village

Global Village

Walking into the ginormous Global Village, you can't help but be struck by the carnival atmosphere. The shopping festival boasts pavilions from countries all around the world, bringing to existence the essence of Disney's 'A Small World' except - oh wonder of wonders! - everything is purchasable. From Yemen's famed honey to bling-tastic, gorgeous jewelery from India, kitschy technology (and an abundance of phone cases - because what's a selfie without a cool phone case in the shot?) from China and more, it's one of those haggle till you daren't no more, then haggle some more places and definitely worth checking out. You can even sample delicacies from all around the world, too. Around the world in 6 hours, let alone 60 days!

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