Why Is Everyone Carrying This Tiny Bag On Instagram?

It can probably just about fit your AirPods.

Tamu McPherson wearing a bright pink blazer and carrying Chanel bags

by Natalie Hammond |
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Handbags probably haven't majored in your lockdown wardrobe and, if they have, they've most likely been along the lines of a supersized tote that can carry your grocery shopping, face mask, hand sanitiser and disposable gloves (just me?) so that all eventualities are covered when you step out of the house. A Mary Poppins bag that could produce wet wipes one minute, and a picnic lunch the next. This probably explains why the latest handbag making the rounds on social media is the teeniest of tiny handbags. If we've been living in the land of practicality - where pockets aren't just nice but necessary - we're ready to embrace the complete opposite as the country reopens. And Chanel has just the thing.

Its teeny-weeny bags have been spotted on influencers including Tamu McPherson, Yoyo Cao, Veronica Heilbrunner and Chiara Totire. What's amazing is that although several have the same one - a silver and pearl-embellished necklace bag that could just about fit a set of AirPods (minus the case) - the maison has several mini bags for its shopper this season.

Heilbrunner posted a picture wearing a mini bag that fastened around her upper arm (kind of like a high-fashion arm band), while Totire wore another baby bag around her waist like a highly impractical but very chic fanny pack.

The necklace bag has particular appeal, especially if your aim is eventually to ditch the ginormous tote for something altogether more streamlined. Of course, you don't need to get yours from Chanel, with plenty of other brands jumping into the mini market when it comes to accessories. Jacquemus's Le Petit Riviera is a cross between a card holder and a shoulder bag, with just enough room your lipstick and a singular slot for your plastic. Uterqüe's AirPods case, a round leather bag that could just as easily accommodate a small coin purse, would also look very chic slung around your neck.

P.S. As impractical as this all sounds for real life, the influencer set has a solution. Wear your necklace bag like a lanyard, but also invest in an 'overflow' bag for everything else you need to carry. Cheating? Maybe. Sensible? Definitely.


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