Caves Collect Is The Aussie Version Of Arket That We Can’t Stop Wearing

Caves Collect Is The Aussie Version Of Arket  That We Can’t Stop Wearing

    By Lucy Morris Posted on 25 Oct 2018

    Since Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex stepped foot in Australia for her and Prince Harry’s 16-day royal tour we’ve been playing a game in the office called ‘What will Meghan make sell-out next’. Dressing this royal is fiercely competitive, after all, she can create waiting lists thousands of people long for a simple pair of black skinny jeans (just ask Hiut). Part of the raison d’être of her role is about playing diplomat with her ensembles. We expected she’d spend the course of her royal tour dressed top-to-toe in Aussie labels. OK, not the case, but this prediction led me on the path to aggressively Googling little-known sustainable labels, which is how I came across Caves Collect.

    Two years ago Sarah Russell and Johanna Howe created this Melbourne-based and -produced fashion label. Amplifying craft and sustainability as their brand pillars makes their low-key designs all the more enticing.

    There are jumpsuits and tailored trousers, shirts and turtlenecks that don’t necessarily jump out on a shopping page but will likely become the building blocks of every outfit. We like the Alice Ciggie pants for capturing the insouciance of the Beats and the burnt orange Frank skirt for injecting a swinging 60s energy into our closet. Get to know the brand now

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