Cara Delevingne Chases Kendall Jenner Down The Chanel Catwalk

Cara Chases Kendall Down The Catwalk At Chanel


by Grazia |

Cara Delevingne is very selective with her catwalk appearances these days, pretty much only stretching those model legs for Chanel. Who would say no to Karl, eh?

We haven't seen her on the runway since she walked arm-in-arm with Karl Lagerfeld at the Chanel Metiers D'Arts show in Salzburg. But today she opened the Autumn Winter 2015 show, which was staged inside a traditional French brasserie (with a Chanel twist, of course).


Cara was joined in the brasserie by her best model pal Kendall Jenner. They had lots of fun on the runway, with Cara chasing after Kendall.


Walking is mighty tiring work, so after their lap of the runway they took a rest on the Chanel bar stools where they had kisses with Karl's star waiter Baptise Giabiconi, nibbled bar snacks and sipped juice (Chanel juice, that is). They were joined by the adorable Hudson Kroenig.

Take a look through the gallery below to see the catwalk pictures from Chanel...

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