So Can Cara Act? Watch The New Trailer For ‘The Face Of An Angel’

So Can Cara Act? Watch 'Face Of An Angel Trailer'


by Grazia |

If you've read an interview with Cara Delevingne, chances are you've heard about her acting ambition. Her IMBD page is full with 'post-production' movies, but we are still waiting to see her first big role on the big screen.

The question is can Cara act? Well a new full trailer has landed for Michael Winterbottom's The Face Of An Angel, where we get another look at her acting chops.

The film is based on the murder of British student Meredith Kercher, although names and details are changed. It is a student named Elizabeth who is found dead in her apartment in Sienna.

Cara plays Melanie, a care-free student working in a bar in Italy. The director said that he cast the model because "Cara embodies certain qualities, an idea of optimism, the spirit of happiness and energy, and all the things that these people have lost because of [Elizabeth's] absence".

Cara said of the parallels between her and Meredith: "I wasn't really aware of being Meredith when I was playing the part. You see the mirrors in it … everything is linked, as in life – the relationships, they are all mirrored."

So onto Cara's acting skills, Jane Mulkerrins reviewed the film for Grazia Daily and writes: "While admittedly the role isn’t an enormous dramatic stretch – her fun-loving, carefree character serves drinks, smokes cigarettes, goes to parties and scores drugs for Thomas – Delevingne is an on-screen delight. She’s natural and eminently watchable, in all her long-legged, DM-booted, fag-smoking loveliness."

Watch the trailer for The Face of An Angel below...

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