Calling All Regencycore Fans: Stradivarius Has Collaborated With Bridgerton – And You Can Shop The Collection Right Now

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Bridgerton dresses

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It's finally March 25, which means one thing and one thing only: Bridgerton is back. And to get you in the mood for more exploits of a bodice-ripping nature, Stradivarius is the latest brand to launch a collaboration with the show. Bridgerton at Stradavarius does have bodices - several, in fact, but they're less raunchy and more regal, in a pastel colour palette that fans will recognise from the first time round. They come with matching flared trousers for a modern update on costume dressing that would do very well for Secret Cinema.

Bridgerton dresses
©Bridgerton at Stradivarius

The Bridgertondresses - with their flattering square necks and capped shoulders - went down famously well after season one ('Regencycore' immediately started trending as shoppers added empire-line frocks, elbow-length gloves and vintage tea sets to their baskets). Stradivarius' collection has several that would suit Daphne Bridgerton, or indeed Kate Sharma, this season's heroine - and there's nothing period drama about them.

Bridgerton dresses
©Bridgerton at Stradivarius

I love the white square-necked midi dress, with a playful slit up one leg, bows at the shoulders and embroidered blossoms. There's also a bodice dress in duck egg blue that's splashed with pink flowers and comes with criss-cross lacing. And last but not least, a pistachio-coloured dress with capped sleeves (tick!) and a cropped length that would certainly raise eyebrows in the 19th century.


SHOP: Bridgerton At Stradivarius

Printed Bridgerton Corset Top, £27.991 of 17

Printed Corset Top, £27.99

Simple Bridgerton Trousers, £35.992 of 17

Simple Trousers, £35.99

Jacquard Corset Top, £27.993 of 17

Jacquard Corset Top, £27.99

Twill Cropped Flare Trousers, £25.994 of 17

Twill Cropped Flare Trousers, £25.99

Embroidered Top, £15.995 of 17

Embroidered Top, £15.99

Short Dress With Sweetheart Neckline, £35.996 of 17

Short Dress With Sweetheart Neckline, £35.99

Embroidered T-shirt, £17.997 of 17

Embroidered T-shirt, £17.99

Vintage Flared Jeans, £27.998 of 17

Vintage Flared Jeans, £27.99

Embroidered Top, £15.999 of 17

Embroidered Top, £15.99

Printed Corset Top, £25.9910 of 17

Printed Corset Top, £25.99

Cat-Eye Sunglasses With Coloured Lenses, £12.9911 of 17

Cat-Eye Sunglasses With Coloured Lenses, £12.99

Short Printed Dress, £27.9912 of 17

Short Printed Dress, £27.99

Midi Dress With Low-Cut Back, £45.9913 of 17

Midi Dress With Low-Cut Back, £45.99

Long Bodice Dress, £39.9914 of 17

Long Bodice Dress, £39.99

Embroidered Midi Dress, £45.9915 of 17

Embroidered Midi Dress, £45.99

Embroidered Corset Top, £25.9916 of 17

Embroidered Corset Top, £25.99

Embroidered Trousers, £35.9917 of 17

Embroidered Trousers, £35.99

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