Sir Bob Geldof ‘Weds Jeanne Marine In Secret Ceremony in France’

Sir Bob Geldof Marries Partner Of 19 Years Jeanne Marine


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They marked the first anniversary of Peaches Gledof's tragic death just a few weeks ago but there's finally some happy news for her family.

Peaches' father Sir Bob Geldof has reportedly married his girlfriend Jeanne Marine in the south of France.

The Boomtown Rats singer is thought to have tied the knot with the French actress during a ceremony in the Rayol Canadel Sur Mer region.

The pair have been together for 19 years.

Geldof, 63, announced his engagement to the 49-year-old last April - just days after the death of his daughter Peaches. She was found dead at her home following a heroin overdose aged just 25.

Bob and Jeanne began dating shortly after his divorce from Peaches' mum Paula Yates in 1996. But just four years later she died from an accidental heroin overdose four years later aged 41.

The Live Aid organiser admitted that Peaches' death put things into perspective for him and led to his proposal to Jeanne.

In an interview last year he said: 'She never hassled me or anything like that but you know, I’ll do this thing and hey, how lucky she is! Let’s face it!'

'And then Peaches died and things were very bleak and there was… I thought how do we move forward.'

'I don’t mean move on, as I say, time doesn’t heal, it accommodates, it finds an available space in your brain and you can stick that part in there and it allows you to see things in context.'

There are more happy times ahead for the Geldof family as Peaches' sister Fifi is set to her wed her fiance Andrew Robertson soon too.


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PeachesGeldof: Me as a baby and Astala. I think it's fair to say he is my double!!

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PeachesGeldof: Handsome boy in his vintage 1930s chambray denim

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PeachesGeldof: Thanks Wommel @woodsock for my beautiful pearl and white gold necklace that you got me for my 25th I love it so much! X

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PeachesGeldof: And here's one for my sweet husband @woodsock of pics of me and you over the last two years!! Love you Weg sorry I am annoying sometimes. Brownie and Hoof forever.

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PeachesGeldof: Heading out to Bluewater for great grandma Renee Cohens birthday!

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PeachesGeldof: I love my little Weeby so much. He is such a gentle, sweet soul who has a smile for everyone. He honestly never cries unless he's really tired, and is so content at all times. He is so clever and peaceful. He is also full of joy and laughter. He really is the best person I have ever met ( Astala and tom too) and the most loving baby of all time. Astala was an amazing, funny baby but very different- he had bad reflux so was a lot more demanding and highly strung. But still very rewarding! Phaedy on the other hand is the ying to his yang, Astala is the loud, cheeky, crazy one and Phaedy is the sweet, gentle one. He is really such an angel and he brings a smile to my face whenever he does his funny little one back at me. I am obsessed with him and can't stop hugging him at all times! He is a little Yoda baby and my lil chortle chops. If there is a case for having babies he is it! I haven't met a person who hasn't been swayed by his little face and demeanour. If you want proof Attachment Parenting can enhance and allow to grow an already lovely personality instead of stifling it and making it cold, look no further than Phaedy- the angel baby! I Love him xx

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PeachesGeldof: Just did the news segment on This Morning x

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PeachesGeldof: Me as a toddler aka Astala in a wig!!

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PeachesGeldof: My house on today's crisp winter afternoon

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PeachesGeldof: The battle to end all battles! Lol...

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PeachesGeldof: Just to say a belated happy anniversary to @woodsock my sweet husband on instagram! We've known each other since our teens, have been together for three years and married for one! You're the best dad in the world and the sweetest dude. Brownie and hoof forever xx

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PeachesGeldof: Eating Gwebs head

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PeachesGeldof: After our bathy

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PeachesGeldof: Hound heart

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PeachesGeldof: Hound lovin'

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PeachesGeldof: Lolz in a tree

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