Does The ‘Pert Job’ Signal The End Of The Boob Job?

Does The 'Pert Job' Signal The End Of The Boob Job?


by Sarah Fitzmaurice |
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When Victoria Beckham swapped her Ds for Bs her fashion empire grew almost as quickly as her chest had shrunk. It was a style savy move. No wonder so many women followed. Even queen of the boob job - aka Katie Price - recently downsized in a bid to be taken more serious.

Big fake boobs are simply not in style according to a recent report from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS). The new report states that breast augmentations plunged by almost a quarter (23%) in the year 2014, highlighting a trend for smaller, more natural breasts. Hoorah! As VB once told Vogue: 'No more torpedo bazookas'. Big grapefruit breasts are out, natural pert breasts are in.

Grazia recently reported on the rise of the 'pert job' and spoke to cosmetic surgeon Dr Alex Karidis. He said: ‘Women now want their breasts to look perkier, not bigger, so they’re increasingly asking for small implants of having larger ones replaced with smaller ones.’

Cosmetic surgeon Dr Michael Prager also explained how women are looking at alternative treatments to implants to achieve the perfect chest. ‘People are increasingly asking for treatments that make their breasts look perkier and younger, like skin resurfacing, mesotherapy, shaping and a little Botox in the chest area.’

Celebrity cosmetic specialist Dr Nirdosh, who runs a clinic in London's Harley Street, says: ‘Breastox - the Botox booblift, is fast becoming the must-have procedure for my clients. In less than thirty minutes it gives them an instantaneous breast lift. It’s is safer and quicker than augmentation; there is no downtime, no scars and is virtually painless.'

‘Since the PIP implant scandal women have been looking for alternatives ways of giving themselves a boost and Breastox-Botox is now one of my most requested treatments as women opt for a knife-less breast lift.’

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