Let Me Introduce You To BCE (Big Collar Energy) – The Wardrobe Boost You Never Knew You Needed

It’s a real vibe.

billy porter roksanda

by Hannah Banks-Walker |

The fashion industry is known to (sometimes) take itself rather seriously. It wants you to know it’s a serious business – which it certainly is – but sometimes this translates to exclusivity and iciness. This is possibly why the sight of Billy Porter twirling and shrieking in his Roksanda gown this week was a sight of pure, unadulterated joy. His billowing dress came complete with a ruffled collar, too, which I happen to believe was the source of his boundless energy. His Big Collar Energy, to be exact.

big collar coat street style
BCE on the streets of London

Last week, I purchased a new blouse from Zara. I’m trying to buy less fast fashion, which has been going quite well so far. So, this was not a decision I took lightly. I weighed up the pros and cons of this blouse, asking myself how often I would wear it and if it would last. I decided that, being made of crisp cotton, it would wash well and I could wear it with jeans or skirts. The real clincher, though, was the fact that it had a dramatically oversized Peter Pan collar. I wore it with the collar layered over a colourful blazer and, while my loving boyfriend suggested I resembled a 1970s children’s entertainer, I felt invincible.

victoria beckham collar
A show-goer in Victoria Beckham's oversized collar

It was all thanks to that collar. The blouse is an oversized shape and is white – nothing to particularly write home about. But add in that collar and hey presto – it’s a ‘piece’. Also, I’m inclined to admit that as soon as I heard the words ‘1970s children’s entertainer’ fall out of my boyfriend’s mouth, I knew I had achieved that for which I subconsciously longed.

Simone Rocha's frilly collar
Simone Rocha's frilly collar

Anyway, my point – hooray! I hear you cry – is that actually, I noticed a lot of BCE going on over fashion week. On the catwalks, for example, Burberry showed off smart white collars emblazoned with the brand’s name, while VB’s ‘70s tailoring included her signature sharp, oversized collars worn over jumpers and blazers. Simone Rocha’s frilly collars were a dream, meanwhile, and needless to say Roksanda proffered an array of frills for Porter – and us all – to enjoy.

Burberry's statement collar
Burberry's statement collar

So, as the new season gets underway, I encourage you all to embrace the BCE. It is, as Billy Porter can attest, truly a thing of joy.

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