Sleep Bras: What Are They And Should You Be Wearing One?

Yep, it's a thing. Here's the best for comfort and support all night long.

the best sleep bras - what are sleep bras

by Natalie Hammond & Charlotte Pavitt |

Whether or not you've been religiously going bra-less since pre-pandemic days, or tried going free for a few weeks before realising that the back pain simply wasn't worth it, you might have heard the noise around sleep bras and wondered, what's all the fuss about?

What is a sleep bra?

Most sleep bras look similar to sports bras or non-wired crop tops, and come in padded and non-padded options depending on preference. You can also get sleep bras designed for breast-feeding and new mothers, with handy fastenings for easy access and extra padding for comfort.

Is it good to sleep in a bra?

First of all, according to Bravissimo, there is no 'should' when it comes to sleep bras. It's more a question of comfort. Especially if you have bigger boobs, it might just feel nicer to have some support as you settle down to sleep.

So, what are the benefits to a sleep bra?

  • Helping alleviate back pain - if you find that your breasts hurt your back, then for some women, particularly those with larger busts, a bad back from the result of a heavy bust can also impact their sleep. If that sounds like you, try a sleep bra to adjust the position of your breasts at bedtime.

  • Giving support - again, mainly an issue for those with a larger bust, strain can be put on your breasts during the night if they aren't supported. A sleep bra will help to cradle them in place all night long.

  • Removing sensitivity - if you find different positions in bed (when sleeping!) can irritate your breasts and nipples, a sleep bra is the perfect barrier between your delicate skin and pjs.

Here are the best options we've found; try them and see how you sleep.


SHOP: The Best Sleep Bras

the best bras for sleeping
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Have you heard of UK label The NAP Co.? They're dedicated to crafting up the components that make up a perfect night's rest – so that includes pyjamas, eye masks, scrunchies, and soft bras.

the best bras for sleeping
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Clever Flexifit™ technology means your bra moves with you and holds its shape, for an endlessly comfortable wear.

the best bras for sleeping
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Designed using a super-soft, tubular knitted fabric, these comfortable sleep tops provide maximum comfort throughout the night without compromising on style.

the best bras for sleeping
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Designed for new mothers, with ease of use and comfort in mind. The Medela nursing bra offers seamless support as you sleep, for night-time comfort when pregnant or breastfeeding.

the best bras for sleeping
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Complete with adjustable straps for the perfect fit and removable cups this will be your new bedtime best friend.

the best bras for sleeping
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A thick bottom band adds comfortable support while you sleep.

the best bras for sleeping
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Feel supported even when you're snoozing with Marks & Sparks' specially designed sleep bra vest.

the best bras for sleeping
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Designed with removable padding, this is the perfect lingerie piece to keep you supported without restriction.

the best bras for sleeping
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Featuring a flattering scoop neck bralette with an elastic band and hook-free design for the most comfortable fit. Perfect for every day layering, extra support while you sleep or wearing on its own.

the best bras for sleeping
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This sleep bra is non-padded, and has a regular bra back so it's as easy to put on as your normal bra.

the best bras for sleeping
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The adjustable straps and padded hook and eye clasping mean you still have good control and can personalise the bralette to your custom fit.

the best bras for sleeping
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This product is knitted in a way that creates no seams. No seams means greater comfort and durability because there are no weak points in the garment.

the best bras for sleeping
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When they call this bra 'zero feel' they mean it - if you're truly looking for a bra that lets you forget you're even wearing one, this is it.

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