The Unexpected Summer Trend That Looks Surprisingly Good On Everyone

You may be skeptical, but just trust us

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by Hannah Banks-Walker |

I already know what you're going to say. Maybe you'll say it in your head, maybe you'll say it with an eye roll. Perhaps you'll be so utterly dismayed that you'll say it out loud, directly to your screen. I'm going to say (or rather type) two seemingly ordinary words, which, when combined are going to illicit a not entirely positive reaction from you – or so I would presume. But then, no good really ever came from presuming. And a whole lot of good could come from what I'm about to tell you.

Short suit. I knew it, you hate it. But wait: banish all thoughts of '80s workwear (well, not all – there's a reason fashion has started celebrating this decade again. And also: the red suit Julia Roberts wears in Pretty Woman deserves to be recognised as an inspired choice of costume) and instead embrace this new and improved take on the trend, which is actually a very chic alternative to midi dresses. As seen all over social media, as most great trends are these days, short suits are actually very wearable if you keep the rest of your look simple; a white tee layered underneath, for example, is all you need, coupled with pointed pumps.

In truth, I have been thinking about the shorts suit since 2006, when Kate Moss wore one to attend a wedding. She looked casual yet dressed up at the same time, in that inimitable way Kate Moss does. But it just felt like an inspired choice for those moments when a dress just won't do it. By 'it', I mean looking put together and stylish while remaining unfussy and completely nonchalant. Honestly, a short suit will do that for you.

shorts suit street style
Not even this man's jeans can upstage this classic beige shorts suit

To complete the holy trinity of inspiration, I would take you from Julia, to Kate, to Tibi, where I met the short suit of dreams. Oversized, with a slightly padded shoulder and an elegant tie-detail at the front, it's nothing short of exquisite. It's also over £1000 for the set. And so, to the high street, which is anything but a compromise, for there are some cracking co-ords to be discovered. From & Other Stories' pink satin two-piece (from the brand's recent wedding-themed capsule collection) to Topshop's brilliant take on the utility trend, pair with this season's square toe shoes for a triumphant melange of '80s and '90s references that just so happen to look entirely 'now'. And who doesn't want to look 'now'?

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The Best Shorts Suits

Mango, Striped Linen Blazer, £59.99
1 of 13

Mango, Striped Linen Shorts, £35.99
2 of 13

Topshop, Ivory Utility Shorts Suit, £101
3 of 13

Maje, Checked Twill Blazer, £345
4 of 13

Maje, Checked Twill Shorts, £160
5 of 13

Arket, Oversized Blazer, £115
6 of 13

Arket, Chino Shorts, £59
7 of 13

Violeta, Striped Linen Blazer, £69.99
8 of 13

Violeta, Cotton Stripe Shorts, £35.99
9 of 13

& Other Stories, Long Fit Satin Blazer, £129
10 of 13

& Other Stories, High Waisted Satin Bermuda Shorts, £59
11 of 13

Zara, Textured Weave Blazer, £69.99
12 of 13

Zara, Textured Weave Bermuda Shorts, £25.99
13 of 13

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