Friendship Necklaces Just Had A Grown-Up Makeover, Just In Time For Galentine’s Day

Celebrate like it's 2002.

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by Natalie Hammond |

Cast your mind back to secondary school; a time that was defined, fashion-wise, by what you wore to mufti day and whether or not you had a best friends necklace. You know the kind we're talking about, one half of a broken heart that fits together with your partner-in-crime's. Rosh Mahtani, founder of the fashion set's favourite jewellery brand, Alighieri, clearly remembers. And for her latest collection, a collaboration with e-commerce site Yoox, she's dedicated all eight pieces to friendship, love and sharing special moments.

Models wearing best friends necklaces from Alighieri x Yoox
©Alighieri x Yoox

At the heart of the capsule, naturally, is a best friends necklace that puts your original version to shame; a 24k gold-plated pendant that hangs on two silver chains - one for you and one for that special someone. At £230 - £115 each - it's a fitting tribute to your 'unbreakable bond', the very apt name of the necklace. The collection also has friendship rings, gold bands dipped in either blue or red ceramics, and chain-link padlock choker necklaces. With Valentine's Day approaching, there's never been a better time to thank your ride or die.


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Alighieri x Yoox, The Unbreakable Bond Necklace Set, £230
1 of 9

Laura Lombardi, Gold Dolce Pendant Necklace, £135
2 of 9

Otiumberg, Choose Love Vermeil Necklace, £180
3 of 9

Maria Black, Laylow Necklace, £165
4 of 9

Sandralexandra, Milagros Heart Link Chain Necklace, £75
5 of 9

Mango, Heart Pendant Necklace, £15.99
6 of 9

Accessorize, Heart Pendant Necklace, £5
7 of 9

Weekday, Uno Heart Necklace, £10
8 of 9

H&M, 2-Pack Best Friends Necklaces, £3.99
9 of 9

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