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Do You Make These Beauty Blunders?


Do You Make These Beauty Blunders?

Here at Grazia Daily, we don't like be too prescriptive with beauty. Whether you love your bold look, or prefer to keep it natural, we salute your beauty rules and think you look fantastic. However, there are few little hints and tricks that can make the whole process SO MUCH easier. When you know how to work with your skin, or how to really work those brushes, getting that pro look will be a total doddle. The online hair retailer conducted a little survey recently and found that only a fifth of British women were aware of some of the top cheat rules of beauty. We're all for education, so we've decided to share these rules with you and give you a few pointers so you can be top of the class. Who said beauty and brains don't go together?

1. You don't need to apply foundation over your whole face

In fact, you can get away with just applying it to certain problem areas, like broken veins on your cheeks. That being said, remember the main focus of foundation or tinted moisturiser is to even out the skin tone, so actual covering-up is best left to concealer. This video has lots of tips for covering scars and blemishes with your base:

2. Eyebrow pencil is to define, not reshape

Big brows are having a moment, and it's tempting to go wild with the pencil and draw on a whole new shape. In fact, it's probably better to get your brows tinted to help pick up all the baby hair and make them appear fuller, then define and fill them in a little with pencil. It'll last longer, and you'll less likely to lose your brows in the rain. Let's handover to Anna with her tutorial...

3. Lip liner rules

Try and find a lip liner as close to the colour of the lipstick as possible - it'll give a more defined effect. If you want a really intense bold lip, apply foundation over your lips first to take down the natural colour, and then draw round the shape of your lips with liner and do an X shape at your Cupid's bow. Scribble your lips in a little then apply lipstick on top for a perfect pout. Makeup maestro Charlotte Tilbury has more for you here...

4. Don't over-exfoliate

Scrubbing feels good, we know. But too much of a good thing isn't right at all, and exfoliating too much will strip your skin of its natural oils and cause breakouts. Three times a week is plenty for oily skin types, and once a week is enough otherwise. This lady's got some tips for you..

5. Primer first

Don't build your house on the proverbial sand. And by that, we mean primer exists for a reason and it's honestly not just to squeeze more money out of you. It helps keeps your makeup in place a treat and without it, you'll probably notice your painstakingly applied look slipping off. Here's more on that:

6. Keep your blusher in mind when choosing a lip shade

Try and choose a blush that tones with your lipstick for a more harmonised look. So coral blush goes well with an orange tone lip, and is a good option for red lips, too. Pink goes with pink, and try a more bronzed tone for purple and berry lips.

7. Keep those brushes clean

Dirty brushes = dirty face. Taking the time to clean your brushes can seems arduous, but at least give them a little spritz with brush cleaner - we like And Other Stories, £9.00 - after every use. Properly wash with shampoo and leave to dry with the fibres wrapped in tissue hanging off the edge of a table twice a month. Here's a helpful guide:


8. Moisturise first

If you skip moisturising, make up will drag on your skin and sit, rather than blending in beautifully. If your concern is your skin feeling too greasy with moisturiser and makeup, choose a really light day cream like Elemental Herbology's Moisture Milk (£42.00, Space NK) which will absorb quickly. Here are some budget buys:


9. Liner before mascara

Applying liquid eyeliner before mascara seems counterintuitive (and looks weird for a bit) but it makes it so much easier to get right in at the lash line and avoid gaps. More on this from Lisa...

10. Beware powder overload

Powder is great for setting makeup, but go softly and use a large brush to deposit it evenly and stop it going chalky. Look for one that's really finely milled and talc-free - Chantecaille's are a good shout. Here's YouTube beauty queen Zoella to tell you more...