Gisele Bundchen Draws On Her Freckles And Other Things We Learned Backstage At Preen

GIF GUIDE: What We Learned Backstage At Preen


by Emma Spedding |
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The first show of Day Three was the delightful Preen, and we had a backstage pass so we could bring you the beauty secrets, candid shots and GIFs of models dancing. A 7.30am call time on a Sunday isn't normally something to smile about, but the eye-popping fringing was infectious. Even the models couldn't stop shaking it, Taylor Swift style.

1. Models like fringing. A LOT.

In the collection was re-worked breton stripes, cricket jumpers and tribal fringed beading made for shaking. Justin explained the idea behind the collection: "We were looking at the Masai wrap around robes that the cricket team wore to play. Then it was Nenah Cherry, The Beastie Boys and Salt 'n' Pepper and the graphic bold colours they wore. There was a guy called Dapper Dan who made all their costumes."

2. We chatted to the lovely Malaike Firth

Backstage we caught up with the lovely Malaika Firth who told us: "In New York I did 14 shows. I am proud that it's going really well, it's exciting." So how does she look after her skin with 7am call times and late night castings? She said she relies on Photobox hydration cream, Khiels and Bobbi Brown products. As for her Fashion Week wardrobe Malaika said she keeps it simple in skinny jeans, sweatshirts, jeans and styles it up with bags she gets from shows or her trusty Cara Delevingne Mulberry bag.

3. This 90s thing isn't going anywhere: Crimping is BACK

When it comes to the hair, the models had a slicked back bun with an old school 90s crimped tail. Syd Hayes said of the hair: "This is a real Croydon facelift - slick, shiny and bold. The crimp texture in the back is a big reference in 90s. It goes into a twisted bun with a tail which reminds me of a feather." To get the crimped Preen look crimp dry hair and then soften it by brushing the hair through.

4. The models wore drawn-on freckles inspired by Gisele Bundchen

Sam Rollinson: "I'm freckly, but I'm not THAT freckly."

As for the makeup, it was all about freckles. Val Garland said of the beauty look: "We are starting the make up look with clear, fresh skin before we go in and do the freckles. We're using highlighter in the temples, a clean lip and minimal foundation. We want it to look really real." She used two pencils to create soft freckles - a look inspired by supermodel Gisele. She explained: "I work with Gisele a lot and she does that often and I asked her why she puts freckles and she said because it makes me look younger."

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