5 Little Luxe Details To Keep In Mind When You Next Go Shopping

5 Little Luxe Details To Keep In Mind When You Next Go Shopping

    By Lucy Morris Posted on 9 Nov 2018

    I spent last week trying to pinpoint exactly what my wardrobe was missing and was stumped. I already have the big signifiers of the season, like tartan (left over from when it was last ‘in’), a pair of knee-high boots and a blazer to layer over the pretty printed midaxi (that’s mid-to-maxi) dresses that I stocked up on earlier this summer. But yet, I didn’t feel like the outfits I was putting together were very modern, very with it. And, that’s when I cracked the code of autumn winter 2018.

    The pace of trends has slowed right down to snail pace for winter. What a relief, am I right? Instead, of the zhush-y trends that usually burn bright but fast, this season is filled with luxe concepts that will steep your wardrobe with a richness that will last for seasons. It means looking for luxe concepts, like opulent coloured leather (forest green, not bottle and burgundy, not scarlet) and statement stitching to show off the lines of complicated tailoring. We’re also keen on a soft stone palette, which makes the most of hygge brown hues, multi-hued knits that update the concept of colour blocking and animal prints that edge on the abstract and artistic.

    To help you navigate what’s out there here are two options for each update.

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