Anklets Might Just Be The Biggest News Of The Summer (Maybe)

Or maybe not. But Hannah Banks-Walker is making a case for why they're the perfect accessory for the summer – and beyond.

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by Hannah Banks-Walker |

It's fair to say that the news over the past year has been less than uplifting. This is why, lest I become a despairing, fearful mess, I have decided to make my own news. When life gives you lemons, and all that. I don't mean Fake News, of course – though, honestly, what does that even mean at this point? – rather I'm just prioritising stories that are better for the soul. Case in point: anklets are back, guys!

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OK, yes, I may be playing fast and loose with the word 'news'. But really, what could be more joyful in the lead up to summer than jewellery for your ankles? That is, before you ask, a rhetorical question. But the anklet renaissance (there's a portmanteau in there somewhere, I just haven't found it yet) is truly a thing of wonder. Who would have thought, after all, that a novelty item last seen on the beaches of Crete in 1997 – when just a small town girl was desperately collecting holiday accoutrements to show off on the playground when she returned to school, flagrantly flouting uniform rules (and socks) in favour of decorated ankles – would suddenly become one of fashion's favourite new accessories? And without a hint of irony, for that matter.

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Well, it's 2020 and anything could happen. And anklets could just be the best decision you make today. In fact, most people are already jumping on the bandwagon, as Missoma has reported that its anklet sales have increased by 71%. And, while you may find it difficult to disassociate them with holidays of yore, I am here to make the case for them as an ideal add-on as we move through this summer, which is destined to be spent in our own homes or, indeed, in parks with but one other human being.

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Firstly, they just make whatever you're wearing jazzier. And who isn't aiming for jazzy when they get dressed in the morning? What a way to spice up lockdown life. Cropped jeans and kitten heels (I did say spice) become altogether more interesting, while an everyday midi dress and flat sandals – arguably one of the best combos in this current heat – looks more considered. But I've also seen them on people (from a distance!) wearing trainers and even in colder temperatures, with midi skirts and oversized jumpers.

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They've also grown-up since the halcyon days of Crete. While Natacha Ramsay-Levi presented slogan anklets (slogan anklets!) as part of her Chloé collection for SS19, fashion really stepped it up for 2020 and bestowed upon us a gift we didn't even know we wanted. Yes – Bottega Veneta, Gucci and Alighieri all made shoes with built-in anklets. What a time to be alive!

If you prefer your ankle jewellery and your shoes to remain strangers, fear not – the likes of Ancient Greek Sandals, Aurélie Bidermann, Wald Berlin and Missoma all have anklets so pretty, you'll want to spend your days staring at your feet. And actually, if you did do that, it wouldn't really matter. Lockdown rules, and all that...

And in the interests of promoting a more sustainable approach to consumption, do not be fooled into thinking that this accessory is merely a fair-weather friend – it has become the sort of thing it's acceptable to wear all year. Don't believe me? Well, those Bottega shoes first appeared in AW19, so consider that an endorsement.

So, don't panic when the summer is fading faster than your spray tan – instead, dig out any lightweight knitwear in preparation for more autumnal weather and pop on an anklet for compromise. You'll be autumn on the top, summer on the bottom. And it doesn't get much more trans-seasonal than that.

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