Lady In Red – Amal Clooney’s Super Chic Airport Attire!

Let's Admire Amal's Airport Attire!


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Amal Clooney has taken the world by storm, with her super status as a human rights lawyer, gorgeous George as her arm candy (jealous much!), compliments from Anna Wintour AND her super sophisticated style that almost gives K Mid a run for her crown!

Amal’s wardrobe oozes sophistication; from her cream Venetian ensemble she wore the day after her wedding, to her all black one shouldered Oscar de la Renta dress worn at the Golden Globes this month, and her airport attire is equally as elegant!

For the majority of us holiday goers, we opt for casual and comfy clothes over style when we are travelling; we know that as soon as we leave for the airport that the next few hours we will end up looking like a dishevelled wreck (well I do)! Going through baggage claim is bound to have you clambering over bulging suitcases, throwing bags off the conveyor belt, and getting hot and flustered in the process, but not for the Queen of Chic, Mrs Clooney!

Fresh-faced Amal effortlessly swans through LAX airport wearing a long, pillar box red Versace coat with a slight military edge to it, a rouge lipstick to match, black skinny jeans and heels to elongate her pins as well as black sunglasses to accessorise. She remains utterly fabulous head to toe! Whilst I would depart a long haul flight with an unkempt mane and lipstick smeared across my face, Amal remains totally flawless. Amal’s hair is still pristine with sleek waves and her beauty remains in tact!

Who wants Amal’s tips? We do!!

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