Alexa Chung’s Fashion Formula: Top Ten Ways to be a Hipster

Alexa Chung's Fashion Formula: Top Ten Ways to be a Hipster


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'I’m very much a cookie-cutter hipster,' Alexa Chung said recently of her inimitable style. Which has us wondering - what's the recipe to reach such dizzy heights of hipsterdom? She didn't win the British Fashion Award for most stylish person[above] OR crash the Madewell website thanks to her quirky creations without a well-executed checklist, y'know. So Grazia Daily thinks it's high time we take a look at the muse-making ingredients of Alexa's Hipster Fashion Formula. Concentrate, here comes the science bit...

Alexa Chung
Alexa Chung

** 1. Begin with a feminine frock**

Alexa can’t get enough of dressing like a five-year-old at Sunday school as her carousel of short-and-sweet smocks amptly demonstrates. Full-skirted, nipped-in at the waist and coming in an array of pretty prints and soft tones, they’re * never* too naughty and always delightful.

** 2. Throw in some flats**

Wanna follow in Alexa’s practical steps? Then swap your Loubs for a pair of mannish brogues, or how about a snazzy slipper, or pointy pumps? Basically, no-heeled footwear is the simplest way to nail Chung's particular brand of coolness - and they’re ruddy comfy too!

  1. Incorporate a collar

Crispy, cutsey or contrasting, a well-decked neck can add a playful accent to an otherwise minimalist look. Recently, Chungy has ditched the Peter Pan shaped collar, instead sporting a sharper edge for that boy-meets-girl vibe. Simples!

  1. Bag a schoolboy satchel

Nonchalantly swinging in the crook of her arm, Alexa’s namesake Mulberry is proof of her vintage preferences. But now and again, she mixes up her oversized totes with a colour-popping Chanel bag to punctuate neutral outfits and add a ladylike touch.

  1. Add a kooky hat

As a devoted mad-hatter, AC isn’t one to shy away from a chic chapeau. Her headwear of choice is floppy and Seventies-esque but be warned: hats must be worn with flicky black eyeliner, unbrushed hair and, preferably, a stripey top.

  1. Mix in a T-shirt

Retro tees are a must for that grunge-meets-girly Chungster vibe, preferably when they’re festooned with a slogan, doodle or Kurt Cobain’s face. Take heed of Alexa’s 'I’m serious' design for further tee-spiration.

  1. Get wrapped in an It knit

'I never like investing in clothes I don’t think I can wear beyond one week’s time,' says la Chungand she's developed a serious attachment to this boyish basic. We’ve seen her balancing the chunkiness of her Margaret Howell sweater with sleek Phillip Lim leather shorts [centre], or layering-up sweet-as-pie skirts with a bulky jumper. Either way, it’s preppy perfection!

  1. Get shorty

For that tomboyish aesthetic, look no further than thigh-skimming shorts. Alexa’s tailored, high-waisted variety are a fancy alternative to eveningwear, as are denim cut-offs worn with a black blazer, white shirt and tights. See, Daisy Dukes aren’t only for scruffy festival-goers.

  1. Button-up your blouse

Speaking of shirts, they're still having a major moment and are one vital ingredient to Alexa's laid-back look. Whether mannish and patterned or silky and sexy, just tuck into the aforementioned short shorts or a flirty mini-skirt, et voila!

  1. Aaaaand serve with a coat

If there's one thing you need to complete your hipster outfit, it's this. 'I like classic designs,' Alexa says of her choice in outerwear, as proved by her timeless repertoire of trenches, tuxedos, Barbours, bikers, tux jackets, tweed blazers and yes, dustmen coats, typically topped off with ankle boots. Job done!

So what are you waiting for, hipster wannabes? We've given you the guidelines, now crack out your cookie cutter and get in shape!

by Jessica Vince

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