Alexa Chung Talks Ex Boyfriends, Miley Cyrus Mania And Why Britney Spears Made Her Sexy

Alexa Chung Talks To Noisey About Ex Boyfriends, Miley Cyrus And Britney Spears


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Alexa Chung has been interviewed by Noisey (VICE's music blog) where she gives the lowdown on her fashion and musical influences throughout her life, which is also the subject of her book, 'It'. The fashion icon, whose company The Last Battalion (yeah, who knew Alexa had a company?) is reported to be worth over £1.85 million was frank throughout the conversation when she was grilled on everything from her love life to her reaction to reviews of her style tome.

Find out what the presenter had to say about her musical mates, ex boyfriends, Miley mania and more...

On the English attitude: 'I think it's good for the brain'

When asked what she misses most about England, Alexa replied, “Attitude. I like it. I like that it’s harder to exist. It’s harder there. I think it’s good for the brain. I love England so much and I miss it. Then I go there and miss here, I’m yo-yoing between. I’m not quite done with New York yet."

On dating lead singers: 'Even my first boyfriend was a lead singer'

When asked about her romantic choices Alexa replied, “I have no preference. I didn’t mean it to pan out that way. Even [my first boyfriend, photographer David] Titlow was a lead singer in the 80s. In a band called Blue Mercedes. I didn’t intend to date lead singers. Actually, there have been other occupations, but [the musicians] are the ones people wrote about.”

On her musical mates: 'It’s easy to hang out with musicians, they’re always around'

Alexa hangs out with musicians most of the time: "I don’t know why. Maybe I’m somewhat musical. I would never be brave enough to make music, but I’m definitely very intrigued by the process. I suppose they’re the people with the most open timetables, so it’s very easy to hang out with musicians because they’re always around. I’m comfortable with them, I understand the whole thing, you know?”

On Miley mania: 'She’s young and having fun. It’s obviously not something I would do'

Speaking in defence of Miley, Alexa said, “I don’t know when it became acceptable to be quite as harsh about women just out of their teens who are experimenting. They’ve been given this platform and more money and more exposure to do it. What were you doing when you were 20?"

On the '60s: ‘I pretty much love anything that happened then’

Alexa was inspired by the swinging sixties, particularly the music scene. She said, "Ronettes?...I like their cat eyeliner. Sixties Tina Turner, she looked amazing! That body. When she supported the Rolling Stones and she’s got that gold mini-dress on.”

On the '90s: 'I used to wear my baby doll over a pair of wide-leg jeans, for some reason'

Chung wanted Natalie Imbruglia's haircut...and face "The androgyny. Natalie Imbruglia in the 'Torn' video. Didn’t she have on a dragon top, Maharishi combat trousers, and a navy blue hoodie. Obviously I wanted that face and that haircut. Everyone did." Babydoll dresses? "Yeah I had the baby doll dresses. I used to wear my baby doll over a pair of wide-leg jeans, though, for some reason." As for All Saints, Alexa was the girl band's no.1 fan: "I loved All Saints *so much. *I was in an All Saints tribute band at school. I swear to God.”

On Britney Spears: 'The only time I’ve been vaguely sexy'

"Britney came out in 99 and early Britney is cool. I wore that to school, like, I had a school uniform: knee socks and Mary Janes, hitched my skirt up and weird fluffy things in my hair. I tried to do that a lot, sitting at my desk. So, thanks Britney. The only time I’ve been vaguely sexy." We'd beg to disagree!

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