Remember Wacky Warehouse? Well Someone Has Created A Ball Pit For ADULTS

Remember Wacky Warehouse? Someone Has Created A Ball Pit For ADULTS


by Emma Spedding |
Published on

Acting your shoe size is one of life's great pleasures. Eating a bag of tangfastics for dinner. Singing along to Frozen in your onesie.

Well remember how much fun birthday parties at Wacky Warehouse were (minus the whole wee in the ball pit part)? Get ready because London is now home to a ball pitt for grown ups.

There is some more good news - it's free. The pop-up ball pit has opened in Hammersmith and has 81,000 all-white balls. They've got rid of the usual clownish colour scheme. Mindfulness is in and it way looks better on Instagram.

Ball pit for ADULTS!

MacBooks are also allowed into the ball pit - they say it's a great place for creative thought as well as swan dives. Anyone else tempted to ask their boss to turn the office meeting room into a ball pit?

PLUS the creative agency Pearlfisher will also donate £1 to charity for every person who visits the 'pit' at the Pearlfisher gallery. It's open Monday-Friday, 10am – 5pm until Friday 13th February.

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