Exclusive: Abbey Clancy On Her First Avon Campaign And Dreams Of Being A VS Angel

Abbey Clancy Fronts New Avon Fragrance With Her Mum

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As Abbey Clancy prepares herself for a new addition to the family, it only makes sense that her most recent collaboration is celebrating motherhood.

Starring in the new Avon fragrance Cherish campaign longside her (unbelievably gorgeous) mum Karen, we had a chat about the beauty tricks her three year old daughter's already started mimicking and how she still longs to be a Victoria's Secret Angel.

Grazia Daily: What made you decide that you wanted to be a part of the new Avon fragrance campaign?

Abbey: The thing that excited me the most was getting involved and doing a shoot with my mum. I don't really like to get involved with things if I'm not passionate about them and this was such a natural fit as it's a frangrance I actually really liked and I got to do it with my mum.

Grazia Daily: How was shooting together?

Abbey: It was such a good day, really exciting. It was so great having my mum there on the other side of the camera for a change.

Karen: I'm usually just there watching, it was a bit nerve racking because you never think that's going to happen, but I loved it.

Abbey: It's a nice picture to have forever, although she does look better than me in it, which I'm not too happy about!

Grazia Daily: Where've you learnt your beauty tips from?

Abbey: I've been so lucky to work with some of the best hair and make up artists around, I always try and pick up little tips from them. I love Charlotte Tilbury, she's amazing. I swear by all of her stuff, they're all incredible products that you can trust will work.

Grazia Daily: Is there anything you'll be passing onto your daughter?

Abbey: It's funny because you don't realise how much kids watch you, I've got pictures of her putting the fake tan mitt on with one mahogany leg and one white one. I think I've passed on my beauty mannerisms by accident, she'll be putting my make up on and tilting her head to the side and pouting and I'm like "Oh my god, what's she doing, she's only three!"

Abbey's Daughter, Sophia [Instagram]
Abbey's Daughter, Sophia [Instagram]

Grazia Daily: What does she think of what you do? Is she showing any signs of wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Abbey: She loves dressing up and make up, she's so girly. She loved watching me on Strictly Come Dancing and seeing me in photos, she'll say "Can I have that dress when I'm older?" and I'm in like a see-through lace knicker and bra, it's so funny.

Grazia Daily: You've explored so many faccets of your career over the years, is there anything you'd still like to do?

Abbey: I wanted to be a Victoria's Secret model, but I don't think that'll happen now. I'm pregnant and old with two kids.

Karen: You're not old!

Abbey: I know, I know. But I don't think it'll happen now and I would've loved to have done it. I really wish I'd pursued it.

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