2015 Celebrity Big Brother: 6 Things You Might Not Know About The Contestants

CBB: 6 Things You Might Not Know About The Contestants


by Grazia |

We were beginning to get a bit miserable post-Christmas what with the no drinking and having to eat kale for breakfast instead of a wheel of Camembert. That was until last night when Celebrity Big Brother returned to our screens – and what a treat it was! There was Patsy Kensit talking about her terrible flatulence, Kavana reminiscing about heady days at the Brit Awards, and all the other celebrities desperately trying to work out who Jeremy Jackson was (he played David Hasselhoff’s son Hobie in Baywatch FYI, as if you didn’t know already).

Also in the house is celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, outspoken columnist Katie Hopkins, and our personal favourite Keith Chegwin. We’d confidently say that this is the best year yet.

Here are six things you need to know about this year’s contestants…

1. Cheggers got naked on TV – and attracted two million viewers

In 2000 Keith Chegwin hosted a one-off television game show on Channel 5 called Naked Jungle. It featured naturists (who appeared completely starkers) competing on an assault course. Keith got into the spirit of things by also appearing naked except for a hat. Cheggers has since said, ‘It’s the worst career move I made in my entire life.’ We don’t know…

Keith Chegwin getting his kit off again
Keith Chegwin getting his kit off again


2. Perez Hilton was once lambasted by Jennifer Aniston in a car park

Blogger Perez Hilton used to be universally hated by A-listers for being mean. That was until 2011 when Jennifer Aniston, who he regularly referred to as ‘Maniston’, cornered him in an LA car park. He has said, ‘She asked me, “Why do you call me Maniston?” She said that it hurt her and that it was mean. I told her all the excuses I kept telling myself. I would make myself feel better by saying things like what I told her, “You're just a character, it's just entertainment, don't take it so seriously.”’

Perez Hilton enters the Big Brother house


3. Elizabeth Hurley is godmother to Patsy Kensit’s son

Patsy is pretty connected – in some ways better than others. Her godfather was notorious gangster Reggie Kray. She was also married to Liam Gallagher, and their son Lennon’s godmother Elizabeth Hurley.

Elizabeth Hurley is the godmother of Patsy's son Lennon


4. Calum Best has done rudies with Lindsay Lohan

He’s got quite the list of famous notches on his bedpost but our favourite by far is Lindsay Lohan. They dated in 2007, and last year he was named on a list citing 36 of her famous conquests that she apparently left in a hotel room.

Calum Best [Getty]

5. Jeremy Jackson beat Leonardo DiCaprio to his Baywatch role

Jeremy played David Hasselhoff’s hunky son (well we thought so when we were ten-years-old anyway) in Baywatch for eight years. He claims that he beat award winning Leonardo DiCaprio to the role. We think Leo really missed out there.

Jeremy arrives at the Big Brother house [Getty]

6. Alicia Douvall has spent £1million on plastic surgery

Alicia, who is a mother of two, has had over 350 procedures, including six nose jobs and a ‘toe job’ to make her feet look nicer. Alicia, who once took a Barbie doll to her surgeon as inspiration for how she wanted to look has said, ‘I’ve had my face taken off and put back on again.’

Alicia enters the Big Brother house


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