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28 Brands To Know In 2018

© Rejina Pyo

In the last few years, the fashion landscape has shifted somewhat. It’s no longer designer versus high street, for now, designers collaborate with the high street and the high street has developed luxury ranges that compete with designer brands. It was diffusion labels, like the now-defunct Marc by Marc Jacobs and DKNY, that occupied the space between. When they folded or fell away the middle ground became a vacuum. This has been punctured by a new school of labels that prize originality at an affordable price point.

While a jot more affordable than luxury houses like Gucci and Dior, they don’t depend on them for their seasonal inspiration. In fact, many dictate the trends, the colours, the shapes. How do they do it? Through Instagram, the internet and a posse of micro-influencers.

We’re talking about labels like Kitri, like Staud, like Poppy Lissiman. The brands that have fostered their celebrity fanbase last and put the consumer first. It’s an exciting time to be a shopper, especially with these 28 labels making it a colourful, personality-driven space: