The Top 20 H&M Buys: Shopping Fix

As H&M Profits Surge We Check Out The Top 20 Buys In Store Now: Shopping Fix


by Lily Russo |

20 best H&M buys

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H&M Studio, £49.99

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H&M Studio, £49.99

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H&M Studio, £79.99

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H&M, £39.99

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H&M, £29.99

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H&M, £39.99

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H&M, £29.99

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H&M, £149.99

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H&M Studio, £49.99

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H&M, £19.99

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H&M, £99.99

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H&M, £14.99

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H&M, £19.99

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H&M, £19.99

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H&M Studio, £99.99

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H&M, £29.99

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H&M, £49.99

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H&M, £29.99

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H&M, £29.99

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H&M, £199.99

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High Street favourite H&M has a long standing following of faithful shoppers who go back to the Swedish brand time and time again for everything from wardrobe basics to stand out fashion-forward pieces that won't break the bank. A large part of their success is due to their fast turnover of stock meaning the rails are forever filled with style steals you won't have seen the week before, encouraging their customers to return even multiple times a week. So its no surprise the company has reported a 36% rise in profits in the first quarter of 2015 with a global expansion of 400 new stores set to be rolled out in China and the US, and plans to open a flagship store in Herald Square New York.

The secret to their success? H&M has found their USP in a crowded High Street market and have cleverly addressed the need to cater for their dedicated fans who have grown up with the brand but who can no longer wear their tiny denim shorts and crop top combos. There is a lot to be said for the introduction of the more grownup Studio Collection and Premium accessories collection attracting back previous H&M fans who felt they had out grown the brand's youthful style. Beautiful brocade pyjama-inspired jackets and dresses you are more likely to see on the catwalk than on your High Street, have been cleverly woven into H&M's shop floors without scaring their die hard fans and younger clientel. Real suede skirts and dresses may be retailing at nearly £200, but attracting the hipsters with cash to spend is surely only help grow their profts even more.

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