This Is The Lipstick Shade The Universe Thinks You Should Be Wearing

Yes, astrology beauty exists

This Is The Lipstick Shade The Universe Thinks You Should Be Wearing

by Lucy Morris |

Lately, the only thing we can count on is that we’ll read our horoscope (whether we believe its contents or not). To us, believing the universe has everything in hand is an existential stress reliever. Since our astrological sign can supposedly dictate where our career will take us, how our love life’s will pan out it’s no stretch of the imagination to think it might be able to give a celestial indicate our next make-up move.

In tandem with a professional psychic, Bite Beauty has created a small batch collection of Astrology Lipsticks. As the moon moves through each month of 2018, the cosmetic company will be dropping a new lippy. First up is Aquarius with a grape shade called ‘Amuse Bouche’. Why purple? ‘Aquarius is the sign of inventors, pioneers, radicals -- for cutting-edge, social, and creative Aquarians, we imagined a reinvented classic: a bright, modern berry, perfect for standing out in group selfies’ explains the label.

Though we’ll have to wait until next month to know what’s in-store for Gemini’s their resident psychic astrologer Tara Green confided, ’Aquarius gets an inventive take on a classic, Gemini gets a lipstick bullet that will make you do a double take, and Leo gets a bold, ambitious hue.’

The New Age movement has been building into a crescendo for months, led by Spectrum’s Zodiac brush sets, Astrofeck’s trend for fake freckles designed like star-signs and BH Cosmetic’s Zodiac Palette. While we wait for Bite Beauty’s next move, luckily it seems the rest of the cosmetic world is catching up with our fascination with crystals, karma and the magic of the moon.

This article originally appeared on The Debrief.

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