11 Items From Zara You NEED Now It’s Legit Freezing

Who else has their heating on full blast?


by Lucy Morris |

It’s official, the clocks have changed which means it must be winter now. Though seeing my breath frosting, the air of my flatshare was all the proof I needed. As the temperatures have taken a turn south, it’s time to get the wardrobe in check. Wave bye-bye to ankle and short sleeves for this is the season the be draped, no swamped in wool, knitted up like a little bundle radiating heat. Luckily, Zara is making this look slicker than it sounds. Their choice of coats for autumn/winter 2017 is the definition of lust-worthy, and their knits are anything but natty. Don’t overthink it for buying a chunky Aran knit now will see you through the next five months, as will that down jacket and that ginormous camouflage scarf. If you buy now, cost per wear is infinitely justifiable!

1. Zara, Quilted Jacket With Scarf, £89.99

zara high street fashion brand quilted jacket

2. Zara, Oversized Cable-Knit Sweater, £39.99

3. Zara, Draped Jogging Pants, £19.99

4. Zara, Flat Leather Ankle Boots, £79.99

5. Zara, Double-Breasted Coat With Inner Belt, £89.99

6. Zara, Camouflage Jacquard Scarf, £19.99

7. Zara, Sweater With Contrasting Hem, £49.99

8. Zara, Flared Flowing Trousers, £39.99

9. Zara, Contrasting Faux Fur Jacket, £95.99

10. Zara, Long Ribbed Dress, £39.99

11. Zara, High Heel Leather Boots, £95.99

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