We Try On All The Summer Wedding Clothes In Zara So You Don’t Have To…

Oh gahd it's hot and there's a wedding every bloody weekend till mid-September. Here are some great Zara bits to keep you cool and elegant...

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by Natalia Bagniewska |
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OK summer you have finally caught up, thank you, you slow coach! Now what to wear to all those weddings in this heat (I’d insert that brilliant thinking emoji here if I could)?

Check out some of Zara’s new ins and get inspired.

1. The One To Wear If Your Granny Is Attending


This is nice. Super flattering, breezy, covered in meadow flowers. Granny will approve.

Dress, £49.99, Shoes, £29.99 (worn throughout)

2.The One To Wear If You’ve Only Been Invited To The Evening Part

Hello disco! Everyone will already be pissed so you can just strut right onto the dance floor and you’re good to go.

Dress, £17.99

3. The One To Wear If You’ve Always Wanted To Be A Ballerina

Just me? Oh.. Awkward.

Top, £12.99, Skirt, £22.99

4. The All Dayer Dress

Cool in the day when it’s HAWT and then whack on a leather jacket when the sun sets…

Dress, £29.99

5. The One To Buy If You Want Something You’ll Wear Again And Again

I’m thinking white pumps and you’re all Sandy from Grease or mega gold heels to sexy up for a wedding.

Dress, £29.99

6. The One To Wear If You’re Not The Dresses Type

Also good for city weddings and other super smart occasions.

Trousers, £22.99, Top, £15.99

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