If You’re A Zara Addict, You’ll Love These 11 Items From Uterqüe

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If You’re A Zara Addict, You’ll Love These 11 Items From Uterqüe

by Lucy Morris |
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While it’s unlikely we’ll ever give over as much of our wardrobe space as we have to Zara, there’s no harm in at least attempting to diversify our shopping portfolio. For fans of the Spanish retailer, there’s another shop out there, which is not only owned by the same mother company (Inditex) but has the same hyper-trendy feel. However, it has one very important difference: it’s a little more upmarket. And, while this does affect the price (it’s a tad higher), it’s still just-about affordable (after payday, if you want to treat yourself) and comes with the added benefit of better quality. Get on board with Uterqüe now…

1. Lips Gem Earrings, £55, Uterqüe


2. Two-Tone Metallic Leather Jacket, £245, Uterqüe

3. Mini Leather Tote Bag, £175, Uterqüe

4. Silver Laminated Jeans, £65, Uterqüe

5. Multicoloured Floral Headband, £65, Uterqüe

6. Shirt With Central Knot, £85, Uterqüe

7. Red Leather Trousers, £295, Uterqüe

8. Striped Rothko Hat, £65, Uterqüe

9. Tied Jute Espadrilles, £85, Uterqüe

10. Jeans With Side Beads, £65, Uterqüe

11. Leather Safari Jacket, £325, Uterqüe

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