This £26 ‘It’ Zara Skirt Is Now Back In Stock

zara red skirt

by Emma Firth |
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Shopping Zara like a pro is essentially the fashion equivalent of Grand Theft Auto. You have to get in there at warp speed.

Must-have items from that blue coat to the leather biker jacket last season were in such high demand that you will no doubt find them flogging on eBay for quadruple the original sale price. Big sigh.

But, now and then, the high-street hero answers our fashion prayers in the form of our three favourite words: Back In Stock.

One item in particular the Insta-girls have been going crazy for recently? Zara’s red midi gingham skirt.

zara red skirt

(In case you were wondering, Gingham is quite possibly the most social media-friendly trend to takeover - a simple and chic keynote fabric that Dorothy would be more than pleased to see in 2017).

And we’re a little in love with this Zara number ourselves – with everything from the XL frill to the uber-flattering front button on the side (not to mention the price, at £25.99).

zara skirt

It’s super easy to style out too. For a casual/picnic-in-the-park vibe, simply pair with some Birkenstocks, a white tee and a light denim jacket. Though if 1950s high glam is more your thing, this outfit calls for some MAC Russian Red and a Roman Holiday-style structured shirt a la Audrey Hepburn.

Check. Mate.

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