This Could Be The Most Famous Zara Item Of All Time

It even has more Instagram followers than us…


by Danielle Fowler |

We’ve all been there. No matter how many times you ask a stranger where they purchased the leopard print coat draped across their shoulders or the patent ankle boots you’ve seen everyone wearing, you can guarantee that the answer will be Zara.

So you dash to the store on Thursday (delivery day) to frantically find your size whilst refreshing the website as you walk. So it comes as no surprise that one Zara item in particular has gone viral. It was only a a matter of time.

The blue and white printed coat priced at £69.66 is the most highly sought-after Zara item of all time... ©Zara

A blue and white printed coat priced at £69.99 has garnered worldwide recognition thanks to blogger Alice Frances. After spotting the iconic coat on the backs of women far and wide, she decided to dedicate an Instagram profile to the garment asking the public to send in photographs of the coat.

With over 4,000 followers and 200 posts sent from across the globe, it’s safe to say it could well be the most popular Zara item of all time. And that's a pretty bold statement.

From Paris to Belgium, the coat has been spotted hundreds of times and even made an appearance in the political field, as it was donned by Mexican presidential candidate Margarita Zavala.

Over 3,000 women have tagged images of themselves in the highly sought-after item, alongside the hashtag, #thatcoat.

Unfortunately, in typical Zara fashion, the coat has now sold out online but the good news is that you can shop the item on eBay. Though people have clocked on to the success of the coat so it can only be yours for a hefty £129.99.

But one thing’s for sure, it’s most definitely got the stamp of approval this season…

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