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Shrimps Warehouse collection April 2019

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If you’re already daydreaming about long, heady summer days spent sipping Campari Spritz on an Italian beach as you channel retro, Riviera glamour, you now have the clothes with which to make this dream a reality. The weather may have taken its time to catch-up with our yearning for sunnier climes but now that we're facing a supposedly sunny bank holiday, Warehouse’s new designer collaboration is just in time.

The brand has teamed up with cult favourite Shrimps, led by designer Hannah Weiland. She made her name with bright, playful takes on faux fur, launching a succession of coats that became as famous as the people wearing them. Since 2013, when the brand launched, Shrimps has expanded to include all manner of clothes and accessories, all infused with Weiland’s own brand of romantic whimsy. Now, she has brought that to the British high street, in a 40-piece collection packed with the kind of nostalgic whimsy only a summer wardrobe can get away with.

Shrimps Warehouse summer collection 2019
Daisy prints, espadrilles and straw hats all start from just £15

There are co-ords in broderie anglaise, daisy print separates, silky jumpsuits and colourful crochet. Seersucker swimsuits look as though they’ve stepped right out of the 1950s, while the accessories are sure to be a universal hit. There are straw totes embellished with daisies, espadrilles, wickerwaist belts, bucket hats and elegant straw hats bedecked with ribbon. It is, in short, everything a summer wardrobe should be – and at high street prices too, seeing as the entire collection starts at a very modest £15.

warehouse x shrimps gingham dress

The collection launches today and it's really no exaggeration to say that it's likely to sell out at lightning speed. Off you go, then...

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Warehouse x Shrimps: Preview The Collection

Shrimps x Warehouse daisy shorts1 of 32

Daisy Shorts, £45

Warehouse Shrimps espadrilles2 of 32

Espadrilles, £35

Warehouse Shrimps Jewelled bucket bag, £453 of 32

Jewelled bucket bag, £45

Warehouse Shrimps daisy shirt4 of 32

Daisy shirt, £55

Warehouse shrimps swimsuit5 of 32

Gingham swimsuit, £60

Warehouse Shrimps seahorse t-shirt6 of 32

Sea horse T-shirt, £25

Warehouse Shrimps dress7 of 32

Yellow print dress, £49

Gingham Ruched Top, £328 of 32

Gingham Ruched Top, £32

Warehouse Shrimps straw hat9 of 32

Straw hat, £25

Jersey Towel Shorts, £2910 of 32

Jersey Towel Shorts, £29

Gingham Towelling Dress, £5511 of 32

Gingham Towelling Dress, £55

Daisy Crochet Bikini, £8012 of 32

Daisy Crochet Bikini, £80

Circle Drop Earrings, £2013 of 32

Circle Drop Earrings, £20

Merman Printed Swimsuit, £4014 of 32

Merman Printed Swimsuit, £40

Daisy Bucket Hat, £2215 of 32

Daisy Bucket Hat, £22

Gingham Espadrilles, £3516 of 32

Gingham Espadrilles, £35

Daisy Midi dress, £9917 of 32

Daisy Midi dress, £99

Jewelled headband, £1518 of 32

Jewelled headband, £25

Denim Midi Dress, £6919 of 32

Denim Midi Dress, £69

Gingham Bucket Hat, £2220 of 32

Gingham Bucket Hat, £22

Tiered Denim Dress, £6921 of 32

Tiered Denim Dress, £69

Gingham Vinyl Shopper, £3022 of 32

Gingham Vinyl Shopper, £30

Knitted Top, £5623 of 32

Knitted Top, £56

Sunhat with Gingham Ribbon, £2524 of 32

Sunhat with Gingham Ribbon, £25

Gingham Jersey Towel Tee, £2925 of 32

Gingham Jersey Towel Tee, £29

Sea Print Cami, £2926 of 32

Sea Print Cami, £29

Drop Earrings, £1527 of 32

Drop Earrings, £15

Tiered Gingham Dress, £6528 of 32

Tiered Gingham Dress, £65

Sea Print Shirt, £3529 of 32

Sea Print Shirt, £35

Jumpsuit, £6530 of 32

Jumpsuit, £65

Jewelled Necklace, £4031 of 32

Jewelled Necklace, £40

Sea Print Dress, £5532 of 32

Sea Print Dress, £55

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