Not Yet Discovered ASOS Marketplace? We’ve Tracked Down The Site’s Top Sellers

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We have no doubt that you're au fait with ASOS proper, but do you ever do the old tab switcheroo over to ASOS Marketplace? If not, why not? Some of the best buys around – we're talking suede-fringed jackets you'd pay £300 for at Topshop and grungy cotton mini dresses you can only find viscose versions of in 2014 – can be found there.

Pretty much the best thing ASOS have done since, er, opening, was launch Marketplace five years ago. Unlike Etsy and eBay though (brilliant though they both are) Marketplace is a lot more relevant. Whereas the search process on excessively large auction sites can be as arduous as it is bonkers, the fashion-focused Marketplace is run by young designers and vintage sellers who are aware of trends and the demands of a girl in her twenties. It's currently home to 996 boutiques and counting, with the biggest boutique being run by two 21-year-olds which took over £66,000 in November alone. Sorry, what?

The beauty is that there's no huge commitment and you can do it wherever you are. Sounds pretty ideal, right? To give a helping hand if you are thinking about it, we spoke to the owners of some already very successful and very cool boutiques to get their top tips for becoming a fashion entrepreneur.

But to help you navigate the site even more easily, we tracked down the four top sellers on Marketplace to find out more about selling on the platform – and their top buys.

Peekaboo Vintage

Like all great thrift seekers, Peekaboo started on Portobello Road in 1991 – though you've most likely aware of them because of their presence in Topshop's vintage section, where they have been supplying wares for 15 years. Having enjoyed a huge degree of success travelling the world in pursuit of 'unique, hand-picked vintage' pieces why did they decide to join ASOS Marketplace? 'Well, we had a strong presence on the high street and we already had our own online site, but it felt very relevant for us to be part of Marketplace too,' explains owner Emily Bothwell.

Peekaboo is one of – if not, the – largest sellers on ASOS Marketplace, with currently over 1,300 items for sale. Marketplace – as the name suggests – also allows a seller a greater degree of competition. 'It allows us to be open seven days a week, 24 hours a day and able to compete with non-vintage companies such as Net-a-Porter and,' explains Bothwell. As with any online traders, '100% feedback is very important to us,' they affirm. And they're biggest sellers? 'Vintage dresses.' With over 300 currently available online, we suggest you hop on over, pronto.


Vintage 1990s Plaid Mini Dress, £35 and Vintage Oversized Army Camouflage Jacket, £35

Philip Normal

To be fair to Philip Normal, his ironic brand name predated the normcore wave and really, couldn't be less applicable to the trend. Owner Philip, a clothing and accessories designer since university who began with a stall in Camden, started selling on Marketplace 'because it seemed like an interesting platform to get involved in – plus, I had nothing to lose!' He sells handmade, customised vintage clothing (although modelled by men, the T-shirts are unisex), as well as other brands such as Horace and Daniel Palillo in his e-store.

His biggest seller? 'A T-shirt with my dog, Noah, on it. He's a French bulldog and he's adorable. He comes to the studio with me every day. Stephen on Googlebox wore it... celebrity dog!' It turns out Marketplace is more than just an e-community too. 'My favourite thing about Marketplace is meeting the other sellers at events.'


Grey French Bulldog Print T-Shirt, £19.95 and Tie Dye Wayne's World T-Shirt, £26.95

Never Fully Dressed

A favourite here at The Debrief, Never Fully Dressed joined Marketplace as soon as it launched two years ago. Like many great brands, they also began life at Portobello market. 'Someone who worked at the main ASOS site used to shop at my Portobello stall and they told me to get involved with Marketplace, which had just launched,' explains founder Lucy Tighe. 'My parents were market traders, so I was bought up selling scrunchies to shoppers down the Roman [road in the East End] before I started selling clothes at the markets.'

So is it all hella stressful? No, she says. 'It's pretty effortless. I like an easy life, tbh. That's why everything originally started as one size – and that mindset translates into what I design. If something works, I'll just carry it through in new colours.' With a generally young customer base – 18-28 being the peak age range – Never Fully Dressed's best sellers are the co-ords, Alexandra Tees and Jones Cardis. We've got our eye (once tan is present) on the Iris Bow co-ord.


Iris Bow Co-ord, £44 and Real Talk Tee, £29

We Are Hairy People

'It was a great opportunity to grow my brand,' explains store owner Sarah Caulfield when asked why We Are Hairy People launched on ASOS Marketplace. 'Getting your work seen is so difficult – Marketplace was a crucial find for me.' Originally an artist and an animator, Caulfield's USP is 'creating wearable art; unique pieces which are made personally for each customer by painting the garments like they are a canvas.' Caulfield started her fashion business with no background in either fashion or business, but 'love and care' is at the brand's heart. 'That's why I make each piece myself and sell only sweatshop-free clothing,' she says.

Marketplace allows for a lot of freedom, too. 'We embrace imperfection and our style is very easy to wear.' Her biggest market is teenage girls and currently it's her hummingbird designs that are flying off the shelves. And what's next for We Are Hairy People? 'My aim is to create employment for more artists,' says Caulfield. 'But I'm just really grateful that people buy my work!'


Hand-Painted Hummingbirds Dress, £36 and Hand Painted Brushstroke Cut Off Tee, £36

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