Wrangler Just Found A Way To Make Your Jeans Kinder To The Environment

The denim brand has just launched an innovative new fabric that will eliminate water waste

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by Hannah Banks-Walker |
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By now, we're all well versed in the reality of our planet. In particular, we're all ware of the significant, harmful impact the fashion industry is exerting on the environment. One of the worst culprits is denim production, which requires thousands of litres of water, in some cases, to produce a single pair of jeans. While brands such as Levi's have launched ranges that use significantly less water than normal, US brand Wrangler has gone a step further and has created an entirely new manufacturing process that promises to use 60 per cent less energy and 100 per cent less water than traditional denim dyeing methods.

Working with both Texas Tech University and a fabric mill in Valencia, Spain, Wrangler has developed Indigood, a technique which replaces water with foam to transfer dye onto yarns.

In a statement, the brand said: "Despite incremental changes towards comfort and sustainability, over the past 150 years, the denim industry has had just a handful of groundbreaking innovations. Among these was the invention of synthetic dyes, which allowed for indigo-dyed fabrics like denim to become mainstream fashion and workwear. But since the introduction of synthetic indigo in 1897, no innovation has truly revolutionized the industry, until now.”

Indigood is not just being used to create jeans, either. Wrangler has actually produced nine different pieces using the process, including shirts and jackets, which will all be a part of the Icons collection released in time for autumn.

Wrangler is hoping that this will be the future of denim production, revealing that it is working with textile factories across Asia and North America to help ensure this is the case. Watch this space.

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