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We're Wearing This To Work This Week

The heatwave may be ‘officially’ over, but it’s only August, which means we have at least another month-and-a-half living our best sleeveless life. Sure, the air con in the office may be frightful, but step outside or, dare we say, spend an hour on public transit commuting, and suddenly the full whack of humidity and heat hits you. The best way to cope? Find an outfit that’s breezy but reads business, that will keep you toasty in the office but cool and in control when you head out the door.

For your Monday-to-Friday self, follow a straightforward rubric. Start by picking natural fabrics (read: breathable). Next, find items that layer easily (meaning blazers and blouses) or pick a sleeveless item that’s smarter than your standard summer style. For instance, a co-ord, like Michelle Moldinger Emery has chosen, slots together seamlessly without being struck down by usual co-ord pitiful of looking too twee or too youthful.

Meanwhile, Olivia Palermo brings a shock of colour to her summer self through a longline dress. Once again, it shows the more you max out on fabric the more sophisticated one looks. On the flip side, the same effect can be achieved with a monochromatic outfit, like that of The Alchemist’s Odine Daisy Purinton-Miller, who opted for all-white and a structured straw bag.

Here are five looks and to try this week bought to you by five women who have nailed the 9-to-5.