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5 Last-Minute Styling Tips To Get You From Monday To Friday

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Sorry, but I’m calling it. Summer, time of death: the first week of August.

I knew that after the sun came the storms, but I wasn’t mentally or sartorially prepared for this week of torrential rain and a sky blanketed with grey clouds. I know this year is going fast, but I didn’t realise it was winter already.

To double down on the irony of British summertime, our office still has the air con on full blast like the heatwave never ended. Brrr. Teeth chattering, arms goose pimpled and hair a cold wet mess wasn’t the professional message I was hoping to send this week. To lift my spirits (and my body’s temperature) I’ve got a style resolution to get me through this weather spell: sleeves. Not a mind-blowing diktat, I concede, but it’s the only way to stay warm without piling on the layers. And, as it’s August, after all, that long-sleeved dress will make sandals seem less startling outside of a seaside environment.

I’ve found five women - model Lotte Williams, PR Sonia Lyson, stylists Trine Kjær and Nicole Huisman and H&M buyer Michelle Moldinger Emery - who are full of fail-safe styling tips. Commit their social media handles to memory because they conceive simple yet effective fashion formula’s that gravitate towards the editorial but don’t let practicality fall out of sight. I feel like I’ve found my people.