I tried on Whistles’ floatiest one-pieces in a quest to become girly

These are far from my usual aesthetic

Changing Room Selfies Whistles

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I have tended throughout my life to treat floaty dresses much in the same way I do my weekly morning spin class – with extreme disdain and trepidation. As a person who can (and will) wear black jeans in every possible context - even on a summer holiday in the scorching depths of Barbados - they just really aren’t my thing.

But it’s 2018, Donald Trump is president, Kylie Jenner has a baby, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux split up, and basically, anything is possible. So what better time than the now to face my fear of dresses with the aid of our friends at Whistles?


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1. The Confusing One

Whistles, Lips Print Tie Neck Dress, £195; Whistles, Koki Lace Up Trainer, £99It's a mark of just how inexperienced I am with fancy dresses that this took me about 35 minutes (slight exaggeration) to even put on. However, if you, unlike me, are able to get your head around the intricate mechanisms of a necktie, you'll be fine.I am obsessed with the pattern and colours on this dress and felt very elegant while wearing it.

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2. Dot-To-Dot

Whistles, Ka,a;a Belted Spot Shirt Dress, £159; Whistles, Koki Lace Up Trainer, £99This was the first time I've worn polka dot in about 10 years, so this outfit's worth it for the nostalgia alone. I'd recommend pairing this dress with a pair of dramatic black heeled boots. This will reduce your chances of resembling some sort of secretary from the 1980s, like I do here.

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3. The Out-Out Look

Whistles, Sonia Lips Print Jumpsuit, £189; Whistles, Koki Lace Up Trainer, £99This is the look I'd feel most confident rocking at da cluub. The red lip pattern reminded me slightly of my Tammy Girl days but in a very, very good way. I'm also a huge fan of the navy-red combination, it's sophisticated but striking.

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4. Retro AF

Whistles, Carla Sport Trim Dress, £279; Whistles, Koki Lace Up Trainer, £99When I first saw this dress, I was taken back to the late 90s when I used to try on old, vastly too-big-for-me dresses that used to belong to various great grandmas in an unspecified early 20th century bygone era. But having tried it on, I'm a huge, huge fan. It's kinda OTT, and I probably wouldn't wear it to work or a casual trip to the cinema, but I still very much think I need it in my life.

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5. The Sensible Option

Whistles, Mini Tulip Tie Neck Dress, £195; Whistles, Koki Lace Up Trainer, £99This look is one I can most realistically see myself incorporating into my daily life. Unlike the above, it's very work-appropriate – and can easily be jazzed up for dinners, nights out, etc etc.

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6. Keeping It Casual (Sort Of) With A Jumpsuit

Whistles, Alma Tulip Print Wrap Jumpsuit, £189; Whistles, Koki Lace Up Trainer, £99The shape of this outfits made me feel fancy as fuck (can't work out why – maybe the sleeves?), and I'd feel very comfortable wearing this in everyday life.

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