Awesome Wedding Dresses For Under £100. Yep, Really!

Because none of us has fifty grand to spend on a Kim Kardashian style wedding dress

Awesome Wedding Dresses For Under £100. Yep, Really!

by Charlie Byrne |

It's wedding season. We know because we've basically lost all of our weekends from now until September. But if you're one of the ones taking up everyone's time, and in need of something to wear to get hitched, then you've come to the right place. Sure, you could go to a bridal designer and buy a full on gown for several thousand pounds, but we reckon you should check out the high street first. F&F at Tesco announced their first wedding dress this week, which costs just £80, and got us thinking - what else could we wear up the aisle for under 100 quid? Here's your answer.


Wedding Dresses

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Dress, £68

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Dress, £55

& Other Stories
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Dress, £55

4 of 10

Dress, £29.99

F&F at Tesco
5 of 10

Dress, £80

6 of 10

Dress, £85

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Dress, £100

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Dress, £99.99

Dorothy Perkins
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Dress, £75

Pretty Little Thing
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Dress, £30

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