Afraid Of Colour? What Wearing All Black Says About You

What Wearing All Black Says About You


by Grazia |

Live in all-black outfits? Refuse to wear colour? It's frequently the colour combo that never goes out of style, beloved by people in fashion and goth culture - and now a recent study has revealed what keeping it monochrome says about you.

As Dazed reports, a survey by this t-shirt website of over 1,000 people revealed the colours people associate with different personality traits. And black frequently came first as the colour associated most frequently with positive traits, like intelligence, inspiring confidence, and um, sexiness.

Yep, black was seen as the colour many of the respondents like people to wear on dates (well, you can't ever go wrong with a little black dress) - and for job interviews, as it's seen as reliable.

As for the colours getting a bad rep, orange and brown were rated as the worst shades to wear for dates and "important appointments".

Of course, take all this colour analysis with a pinch of salt - you should really wear what the heck you like, really, despite what the survey says. But it's interesting that black has obtained such positive colour connotations, especially, when it's regularly dubbed as a 'moody', negative colour.

So don't let anyone tell you wearing black makes you look gloomy.

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