How To Wear Your Work Blazer This Weekend And Look Super Sassy

We take some stuff you already own, and add it to some other stuff you already own... it's fashion maths time

Here's How To Wear That Blazer You Wore Once To An Interview Look Cool This Weekend

by Charlie Byrne |

We've all got an interview jacket. AKA the jacket your mum bought you about five years ago that is the most boring jacket that ever lived, which you wore once, didn't get the job, and have never worn ever since but can't throw it away because it was an expensive jacket and she would kill you if she found out you had dumped it. But you can make that jacket cool again people. Check out this awesome street style look, that we can all copy because we have all her stuff in our wardrobes too.


I'm guesssing your jacket looks like this M&S classic blazer.


Blazer, £55, Marks & Spencer

To it, you need to add your plain white shirt, tucked into a pair of mega-printy pants. Ideally you're looking for those palazzo trousers you bought last summer which have been hiding in your drawer in a ball ever since. Wide legged styles will feel the freshest, because you're going to then add in your trainers into the mix - flat, sneaker styles look the coolest.

Finish the whole thing with a pair of loud sunglasses - exaggerated cat eye shapes are still around this summer, so wear your pair from last year, as long as they're still in one piece.

If you threw them down a toilet, or you're missing any other bits, then here's your shopping list...


Shirt, £38, Topshop, Trousers, £35, River Island, Sneakers, £260, Michael Kors at Netaporter, Sunglasses, £12, Asos

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