What to Wear to Nail those Tricky Christmas Situations

Dressing for the festive period is hard because there’s just SO much dressing to do.


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It’s a truth universally acknowledged that not only is Christmas the season of joy, it’s also the season of plentiful awkward social situations.

Dressing for the festive period is hard because there’s just SO much dressing to do. From cosy walks to office parties, snazzy dinners to hungover family lunches, there are so many looks to nail and all of them need to feature a bit of that proverbial Christmas Cheer. Panic ye not, Merry Gentlemen (well, gentlewomen), we’ve teamed up with our pals at H&M to sort out your outfits for four of the trickiest scenarios.

1. It’s your work Christmas party and you fancy someone in the office

Ah, the office crush. A difficult prospect anyway, heightened by the presence of Prosecco and mistletoe in an otherwise seemingly professional environment. On the one hand, it’s your chance to go for it, all guns blazing, so you want to look hot AF. However, you don’t want to run the risk of looking too obvious, just in case you fail. You have to work with these people for the rest of the year, after all.

Black is always a safe option, and the velvet makes this LBD a little bit more fancy. The wrap around detail is oh-so-sexy and there’s just enough cleavage to make your intentions known. Pair with these sparkly boots (that are comfy enough for ALL the dancing) for a nod to festivity.


Dress, £24.99

Boots, £29.99

2. Christmas Eve in the pub when you haven’t seen your at-home friends since last Christmas Eve

This IS a tricky one, ‘cause it’s just the pub, so you can’t put on your glad rags and a full on contour, you’d look silly. But, on the other hand, you haven’t seen them for a whole year, so you want to look great, and like you have your sh*t together.

This patent skirt will have you looking super profesh and classy, paired with opaque tights and boots. Chuck a jumper on and you’ll be cosy and not too dressy. We recommend a red one, because, well, it’s Christmas.

Jumper, £24.99

Skirt, £19.99

Boots, £29.99

3. It's your first Christmas day with your boyfriend/girlfriend's family

Okay, this IS a tough one. So you want to look really sensible and demure (without going full twinset and pearls), but also, you’re going to eat your weight in pigs in blankets, so you need to be comfy, and without a tight waistband. This blouse is great because it’s nice and loose (but still super smart and grown up) and will cover the inevitable bloating. Wear with anything elasticated. We recommend leggings.

Blouse, £14.99

Leggings, £12.99

Boots, £24.99

4. Boxing Day when your mum drags you out for a walk but you still want to look festive

You’re hungover, STILL full, and just want to be inside catching up on the Christmas telly you missed. But, your mum is desperate to spend some time with you, and a Boxing Day walk is TRADITION. It’s time to layer up, ladies. A bit of glitter will instantly make you feel better and way more festive. Keep warm by adding ALL the knitwear, tights, boots and your trusty coat and you’re good to go.

Skirt, £19.99

Jumper, £6.99

Tights, £6.99

Bobble Hat, £14.99

Scarf, £9.99

Boots, £39.99

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