What To Wear With Cropped Trousers So Your Ankles Don’t Get Cold

Cropped trousers are great but your ankles are suffering. Here's how to minimise frostbite

What To Wear With Cropped Trousers So Your Ankles Don't Get Cold

by Jess Commons |
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If you're anything like me, you've ditched all your full length trousers and are refusing to wear anything on your legs that doesn't expose your oh-so-naughty ankle to the world. Be it culottes, rolled up jeans or just a nice pair of tailored cropped trousers, ankles are A Thing that need proudly displaying to the world in all their glory.

The only trouble is, it's kinda cold at the moment. And your ankles, hairy, flaky and ghost pale from several months spent under big thick socks and thermal leggings aren't ready to make their 2016 debut to the world. TBF, thanks to a mis-judged tattoo from a fledging tattoo artist who wanted to 'practise' my ankles will never be public ready but yours, come April, probably will be.

Until then, what to do with your delicate, freezing cold lady ankles? Obviously you're not going to give up the cropped trousers but is there a way you can make it through to spring without losing a foot to frostbite?

Here's a few suggestions...

Sock Boots

On their own, these look a bit silly. Sort of like those cravat type spat things Victorian gentlemen would wear to their Victorian gentlemen clubs where they'd smoke cigars and be casually racist to the staff. But - team sock boots with a pair of cropped trousers and they automatically become something of a fancy fashion statement - like a sexy leather ankle hugger that's turning your ankle into a bit of a rock star. You know who's good at this stuff? Scandinavians, that's who. They look cool like, all the time, and it's always freezing in Scandinvavia. Norwegian blogger Darja Barannik here totally gets the sock boot. Her sock boots here are actually from Zara and have annoyingly sold out now but Topshop have got some good'uns. These MASTER tortoise heel ones are £85 or, if you want a lower heel check out these MARBLES patent elastic boots (£82).


Remember tights? Tights are totally acceptable under culottes or kick flares. Just check out TrendySabel here who has artfully repurposed those fancy 'fashion' tights from our teenage years and teamed them with a nice chelsea boot. Which are also from Zara. And also sold out :(. Instead, grab these Pamela Mann tights (£7.99) and these Chelsea boots from ASOS for £38. Team also with brogues

Unashamed socks

Give a shit, it's cold, just have your socks on show. Just make sure your socks are matching like Hollie here. And not full of holes. And not boring black cotton ones with different coloured heels. Basically, invest in some nice socks. These fluffy ones from Urban Outfitters (£6) are a good shout or go really fancy with these glittery ones from ASOS (£4).

Boots n' exposed sock

Fashion is determined that you will have nice socks these days. You can't get away with those ones you nicked off your dad anymore. Model Zoey Kay here has doubled up on warmth with a nice pair of boots with some fancy socks peeping over the top. Get your hands on a similar pair of boots from River Island (£45) and grab yourself this colour blocked set of socks from Primark (£2.50) so you can switch it up each day.

Knee high boots

Like the kind your mum always wanted you to get 'for practical reasons'. Now you're older, you're all into the practicality; knee high boots means you can wear an extra long pair of skiing socks meaning double the warmth. These Mariette boots from Aldo (on sale for £48) are The One. The wider the culottes you wear on top, the better.

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