6 Ways To Wear A Blazer You Brought Years Ago In 2017

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6 Ways To Wear A Blazer You Brought Years Ago In 2017

by Lucy Morris |
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One of the stand out trends of autumn 2017 already lives in the back of your wardrobe. Probably a little crumpled and underloved, ye olde blazer is geed up to have a revival this winter. It may remind you of your school days, or old boys clubs, but the humble blazer, whether a cheap and cheerful Primark find or a spenny designer piece, has a heritage that makes it endearingly interesting. It hints at the dapper, but dangerous Teddy Boys of the ‘50s, the navel gazing boy bands of the ‘80s, the rock’n’roll sex appeal of Kate Moss, the eccentric granny chic of Gucci, the refined sophistication of Chanel’s army of Francophiles; primarily, the blazer, the one you bought way back when, comes from a long line of sartorial touchpoints. But, it’s this season that sees it rise to the top of your closet once again. The difference between now in then is how you wear it. Add a belt here, a bumbag there and a matching shirt when in doubt to look just as on-point as these Instagram stars...

1. Wear It Over Something Girlie

Cute dress gets edge when suited up with a blazer. Treat this tailored jacket like a cardigan and use it as a layering piece, not as outerwear. This Montreal blogger ups the ante with Gucci accessories, but realistically they aren’t necessary just as long as you make sure to wear it with chunky (read: ugly) shoes and a princessy bag to offset the tweeness of the summer dress.

2. Push The Pedal To The Max

For better or worse, Kim Kardashian is pretty good at calling a trend before it’s hit mainstream saturation. And, this time around she’s banking on the return of the pedal pusher. As I type, fashion police everywhere are gearing up for a showdown, but I'm in Kim’s court with this one. The body-conscious cropped legging gives longline blazers (like that ‘boyfriend’ style you brought circa. 2011) (s)ass appeal.

3. Find A Matching Shirt

Adding a shirt in the same shade allows for next level styling, especially when it’s juxtaposed to a vividly clashing bottom half. Great if your blazer’s coloured, but this works just as well if it’s plain black too. Visual example courtesy of Scandi blogger Fanny Ekstrand.

4. Button Up

Jeanne Damas has done the impossible. She's wiped away memories of summer jobs waiting tables or working in the local branch of M&S. Damas has made the short, black blazer sophisticated. We all have a Zara one dangling in wardrobe purgatory, but how many of us have worn it buttoned-up with heels, a micro-bag and cropped straight leg jeans? Not enough, that’s for sure.

5. Sans Blouson

Channel the Spice Girls and dare to bare with a buttoned-up blazer. Add a little shimmer to your decolletage to make this Noughties trend sing. Plus points if your blazer is as luxe and shiny as Maria Bernad’s.

6. Accessorize

God knows how but the bumbag has found its way into the wardrobes of some of the best dressed. The hands-free accessory has been sported by Kendall, Bella and Adowah to name a few. While tradition says to wear it tight around the hips, those in the know have been nestling it under their arm with a jaunty cross-body strapping. Probably not as comfortable, but it definitely adds edge to a boxy blazer.

7. Take Lessons From A Toddler

Do it like this six-year-old Harajuku local and belt it up. She may be too young for secondary school, but this street style icon knows that an artfully tied waist belt in the same colour as your trews is an under appreciated way to elevate a blazer.

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