All I Want In Life Is To Dress Like The Twins From The Parent Trap

Is it such a crime to want the wardrobe of a pair of tweenagers?

All I Want In Life Is To Dress Like The Twins From The Parent Trap

by Lucy Morris |

Before we get started, let's deal with the great unspoken in the cinematic tour de force that is the 1998 adaptation of The Parent Trap: twins Hallie Parker and Annie James were brats. They had butlers, palaces and dreamy, perfect parents, yet their hijinks tore apart relationships and caused drama on a cross-continental scale. That said, they did it all while being dress impeccably.

When the film that made Lindsay Lohan a household name came out, I was at an age where it was acceptable that I would want to dress like the twins. But, nearly two decades on it’s – for some unbeknown reason – treated with scepticism. Why would a fully-grown adult woman (who albeit shirks that title regularly) in her mid/late-20s want to dress like two ginger tweens? From the moment the identical pair, who were separated at birth, meet by chance at an American summer camp to the sweetly neat ending, they never had a hair out of place. Not run of the mill well, but full-blown, Bella Hadid scale chic. Move over Winona Ryder and Gwen Stefani, Hallie and Annie are the real style icons of the ‘90s. Scroll for proof…

A Micro Cheongsam Dress


Sorry, Alexa Chung, Lindsay Lohan has the dreamiest silk Nehru collared dress in her collection. And, it’s millennial pink!

Dinky Necklaces And Retro Athleisure

I’ve spent hours of my life rifling through vintage stores and at car boots looking for featherweight sportswear that looks as good (read: soft) as this. And, don’t even get me started on how much the current trend for spindly gold necklaces owes to Nancy Meyers.

Skirt Suits

Some call the skirt suit an unsung hero, but I like to think of it like the OG co-ord. And, Lindsay really did it proud in this Aquascutum-lite tartan three-piece (can’t forget that headband)!

Pastel Perfection

The Lohans look so preppy it hurts. But, at the same time manage to be the embodiment of my American fantasy life. Though too young to drive, drink or have a life without a permission slip, Lindsay has achieved the peak Hampton's soccer mum wardrobe I aspire to. In other words, she has multiple pastel Ralph Lauren shirts that look freshly starched and free from stains. Dreams.

When Blair Wardof And Danny Zuko Collide

Mondays through to Fridays I aspire to look like a put-together human who doesn’t spill soup down herself and knows how to work a washing machine. But, from 6pm until Sunday evening, it’s fair game to let my biker jacket wearing self-loose. Enter, the physical Lindsay Lohan embodiment of this predicament…

Off-Duty Perfection

Further to my previous point, consider the above. On one side we have marl sportswear done with aplomb, thanks to smooth, sleek hair and box-fresh sneakers. On the other hand, we have punkish tartan cigarette pants, and a fleece worked like this girl reads @baesmentapproved every day.

Let's Talk About That Hair

Have you ever seen a more perfect side fringe? No, no you haven’t. Treat those natural highlights and cheek-grazing bangs as fodder for your Pinterest board.

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