Getting To Third Base With Bike Chain Belts

This ‘90s accessory is staging a comeback – how do you feel about that?

Getting To Third Base With Bike Chain Belts

by Lucy Morris |
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Once a jean wearers staple, wallet chains were phased out in the mid-2000s. Why? Who knows – maybe everyone decided purse theft was no longer a problem. Or more likely, this trend, which was so cherished by Camden Market retailers, became passé.


This pragmatic accessory once stood at the intersection of multiple sub-cultures movements, like grunge, rave, hip-hop and nu-metal rock. Twenty years ago it was an emblem of the disenfranchised. Now, with the world once again being rocked by social unrest, the wallet chain is back. Vetements put this humble silver linked accessory on the catwalk last fall, and Miaou has been using it as a belt for their trendy jeans, but what I want to know is: how can get this look on the cheap?

Who’s selling them?

The high street is only just catching on to this trend, so it isn’t awash with options. Yet. ASOS and New Look have the look nailed on the cheap. We tried on this leather and metal style from ASOS, which has (awkwardly for us) already sold us.

What the heck do I wear it with?

Our advice is to think outside the belt loops. While jeans and Dickies are the obvious options, cinched dresses and thick jumpers look equally stylish with this badass belt.

Was the devil in the details?

In a word, no. This piece is about achieving a look on the cheap, so expect something that will satisfy your trend craving but won’t overhaul your accessory selection. The chains are essentially attached by a massive paper clip, which up close looks far from luxe. But, from a bit of a distance, it glints and gives movement to the chains.

ASOS, Chain Grunge Waist And Hip Belt, £12

Similar Styles

ASOS, Slim Belt With Chain In Black, £12; New Look, Black Leather-Look Gold Chain Jeans Belt, £6.99; ASOS, Grunge Drop Chain Waist And Hip Belt, £4.50

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