VIDEO: Victoria Beckham Gives Us A Tour Of Her Studio (Complete With Snow Globes)

VIDEO: Victoria Beckham Gives Us A Tour Of Her Studio


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Ever wondered what it would be like to step into Victoria Beckham's office? Of course you have! In a new film, the New York Timeshave taken a behind the scenes look at the London home of her fashion label. So is it all vases of orchids, Jo Malone candles and fabulous swatches of fabric?

Well, not really. By her own admission VB's office is more functional than all out glamour and she says, "People are often quite surprised when they come here, they probably expect something a lot more glamorous. It's just not really about that for me here, you know, a lot of work goes on here."

In the film Vic is seen getting hands on, pinning pieces and speaking with her staff. She reveals that the company is now getting so big that they will have to move offices soon as she now has over 150 staff.

Snow globes, personal pictures and tons of fabric.
Snow globes, personal pictures and tons of fabric.

"We like to play a lot," she says, "I don't draw so I'm very hands on with my team." Her office is minimalist but of course she does have a few personal touches. Including, wait for it... Snow globes made for her by her children at Elton John's wedding - equal amounts of cute and fabulous all at the same time.

Vic reveals how the company started out, "It was just three people going, 'Ok, what do we want, and me literally in my knickers putting on the clothes and saying, how do I feel how do I look, how is a woman going to feel in this?' And I still do that now, it's still very important to me that I put on the clothes," she said.

Victoria Beckham doing her "proper job" [NYTimes]

VB showed her Autumn Winter 2015 collection at New York Fashion Week to rave reviews. A handsome David and her adorable children - including an incredibly long haired Harper - sat front row, later heading out for dinner to celebrate their Mum's success. She said, "It wasn't until they first came to the show a few seasons ago that they realised that Mummy does have a proper job."

As if being in the Spice Girls wasn't a proper job!

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