Watch Victoria Beckham Talk Harper, Living In England And Whether She Will Be Designing 50 Shades Costumes: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Watch Our Exclusive Backstage Interview With Victoria Beckham

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Video: When Grazia met VB

Fifty Shades Of Grey, a football-loving Harper and having brunch with the family - Victoria Beckham didn't hold back during our excusive chat yesterday. Backstage after the Spring Summer 2014 show, VB was swamped by journalists eager to plant a congratulatory kiss on her cheek and ask about Mr Beckham on the FROW, but she took it all in her stride. We were mighty impressed to see Victoria greeting each and every person, happily answering questions and yes, even smiling. A lot actually. So when it came to our one-on-one, she was relaxed and ready to celebrate another winning collection, her tenth no less.

That's not to say she doesn't still get nervous. 'As much as people say they don’t care about the reviews, I do,' she told us. 'I’ve put a lot of work in to this – my whole team have'. Wearing a white shirt and slouchy black trousers with court shoes, she looked more casual than usual, but no less sharp and the outfit was a perfect reflection of her collection. 'Trousers have been a big thing for me - it’s not easy to create a good pair of trousers and I really feel that I have done that. There’s an ease about this collection as well, which is what I want to wear.'

Victoria Beckham Video Interview Backstage At New York Fashion Week

Victoria Beckham backstage post-show[Grazia_Live Instagram]

Yep, Posh Spice is long, long gone - so far gone, in fact, we can barely remember how she used to dress. Gone are her favourite form-fitting dresses of yore, and into VB's new closet are the very same ideas she now presents on her catwalk: loose-fit blouses, full trousers, along with her own-design mannish sleeveless-coats. 'I still love a fitted dress,' she confesses, 'but then there's the other side of me that wants to feel a little bit more at ease, a little bit more relaxed. But still sharp.'

And what of her comments that she's more suited to America? 'A lot of times you say things and it gets taken out of context. I love England, I’m very proud to be English and my aesthetic is very English. That’s our home, all my family lives there so there are no plans to leave England.' Words we're very happy to hear, VB!

Watch more from Victoria in the video above and don't forget to read the full interview here.

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